Dual Blader – Be the light in a dark world and save humanity

[Game] Dual Blader – Idle Action RPG

Dual BladerYou are the Chosen One, destined to be the legend…

Be the light in a dark world and save humanity!
In the midst of chaos, a young girl awakens in the name of justice to write a legend.

Filled with rage at the loss of her mother to a dragon that attacked her village, a young girl trained for years to seek revenge.

Now, let’s turn this story of a girl on a journey to defeat the dragon’s master into a legend!
Strengthen and awaken your dual swords, bring along your pets, and conquer the dark tower as you write your own legend?

Survive countless battles and defeat the minions of the devil to save the dark world! Grow and become more powerful as you defeat monsters!
Prove your power by fighting other fighters in the dueling arena of this free RPG!

A simple, stylish, and fast-paced idle RPG that will give you a cool feeling of satisfaction.
2,000 draws available right now!
You are the light of the world, so why not write your own story?

Stylish and fast-paced idle RPG about raising beautiful girls
Fast-paced, high freedom of animation! 4 levels of basic attack moves!
Visual enjoyment and easy operation
Changes in skills and motions Visual growth!

Growth that revitalizes your efforts
Battle through strategic settings with cute but powerful pets
A rewarding game where you become as powerful as you play

Show off and prove your strength!
Slay a different dragon everyday!
Crush other girls in the dueling arena!
Conquer the Dark Tower and get stronger equipment!

Want some Gacha?
Rich Rewards, Constant Item Supply
Special commemorative coupons every month!

Gorgeous transformation of a beautiful girl!
Customize your favorite style with variety of costumes!
There are 3 beautiful girls when you use your alter ego?
Detailed motion! Natural motion!

Fb: www.facebook.com/dualbladerM/
Web: superbox.kr/dualbladerM/
Email: help[at]superbox.kr

Dual Blader user reviews :

It’s good but kinda standard. Doesn’t do anything new. And make sure to hit the Save button as often as you can. I’ve lost a few minutes of progress here and there. Luckily, it’s right on the main combat screen. Edit: yep, game needs optimization badly. Most stable apps cache 20 kb of data. I’ve noticed apps which freeze and crash a lot cache 50 to 100 Mb. This is one of those apps which cache too much.

  • Hello ‘LHFP’, this is Dual Blader. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while using the game. If you send the problem you are currently experiencing to help@superbox.kr, we will forward it to the relevant department and solve it quickly. We will try to provide more fun games in the future. Have a happy day today! thank you

Decent “idle” game (despite that you will be spending a ton of time in menus, doing resource runs, and watching booster ads — but none of the ads are mandatory, so they get credit for that. Premium rewards and incentives are generous and plentiful. This is a decent genre entry compared to most. However, I am currently affected by a bug. I am a guest user (prefer not to share my info), but I have been unable to log back in for several days. Can’t clear app data because I will lose my progress.

  • Hello ‘S H’, this is Dual Blader. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while using the game. It has been confirmed that some data in the guest account has been initialized and has been corrected. Please send your nickname to help[at]superbox.kr and we will help you recover it. Have a happy day today :) thank you!

Would be much better if not for the time constraints and the walls you constantly hit. I love these little idle games because I’m a busy person and can’t sit for hours on end, but unless you’re willing to spend, you’re not going far in this game. I like the idea of this game, but it’s very poorly implemented. I live the fact that you can pull for a left and a right hand weapon. That’s something new that I wish other games had.

Great game, pay2win makes it easier but definitely playable without money, u will get stuck at some stages but if u roll enough over time with the right fighting strategy u will pass stages and grow in rank. I like the simple but preciouse fighting style and design. Allthough the game is a bit luck based on what u roll it is still worth giving it a try for atleast a week or 2. Update about the cheater problem: They are getting banned real quick right now and there are nearly any cheaters left

The game itself is lovely, I really like this game it works for my lifestyle and I can just go AFK and still get rewarded it works for me as my time is limited. The only thing I would have liked is if this gave the same rewards as Pixel Fantasia the other game gives you a lot of resources to begin as a new player, I feel this game is lacking in rewards division and I would’ve liked to see more Diamond rewards.

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