Reign of Destiny – Journey through original story of the Middle Ages

[Game] Reign of Destiny

Reign of DestinyReign of Destiny is a gorgeous medieval palace simulation RPG.

Reign of Destiny, a playable epic of a queen. Break the boundaries of history and embark on a journey through original story of the Middle Ages. Revive the empire, reclaim the pinnacle of power, and become a queen whose name will be remembered throughout history.

You, the last descendant of the fallen imperial bloodline, embark on a journey to revive the past splendor of the old empire…

Original Revenge Story
Immerses you in an empire’s journey of revenge, allowing to grow through experiences of intrigue and romance. Recapture the lost kingdom. Multiple branching choices to guide you in writing your own epic.

Romantic Serendipity
A heightened experience of sweet love, offering a variety of personalities and races lovers for chosen to capture your heart. Deep interactions to build affection, unlock rewards, and reap the immersive joys of sweet romance.

Luxury Royal Dresses
Reproduce royal garments and outshine yourself in the palace with distinctive accessories, luxurious scepters, exquisite jewelry. Delivers multiple styles and a supreme queenly experience.

Noble Offspring
Procreate imperial offspring to continue the royal bloodline, delight in nurturing, targeted skill development, royal marriages, and bolstering the might of the empire.

Loyal Dynastic Orde
Historical heroes and knightly glory revived, swearing loyalty, enhancing strength, reclaiming the kingdom’s lost land. Experience imperial power struggles, strategic deployments, and battlefield formations to command the kingdom.

Kingdom Management
Imperial rule, showcasing political acumen, adjusting laws, manipulating the empire’s destiny,
and crafting a thriving realm of your own.

Who will wear the Crown, and who will Bow Down?

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Reign of Destiny user reviews :

I love this game but there is one issue. When I installed it there was already 2 character accounts. Every time I logged in through MY account, the one I’m reviewing this from, I get booted out because of whoever SOMEHOW has the two existing characters. The rating will change once this issue has been dealt with. Rajinii and Shinska are fully my characters. The other two are not.

  • Your Highness, thank you very much for your love for the game. We have discussed your issue, and we kindly request you to send the server information, game name, and a description of the situation through the ROD_service[at] to our customer service team. We will prioritize resolving your problem as quickly as possible.

Art is beautiful however lacking gameplay. Overall gameplay is dull. Story is terrible with bad transitions. Lovers features are lacking. Needs more features and functions. Nothing intriguing worth continuing playing.

  • Your Highness, we apologize for not providing you with a satisfactory experience. We have received your feedback regarding the story, lovers and other functions, and we will relay it to the development department. Thank you for your feedback.

Nothing unique from other city sims of this genre. Live interests look like they’re not even old enough to drink, very mainstream outfits, and you’ll be bested in Exploration in combat by map 8. That way you’re forced to buy in-game currency to level up knights. Uninstalling because meh.

  • Your Highness, we apologize for not providing you with a satisfactory experience. We have received your feedback regarding the art style and costumes, and we will relay it to the design department. There are multiple ways to obtain in-game currency, and you can wait for a moment to collect them to pass this stage. Thank you for your feedback.

the storyline jumps back and forth and is inconsistent for gay characters. switching lover genders merely makes the lover pretend you are the opposite gender, as evident by details like ‘right hand of the queen’ when my character is a king. it does not change anything in the storyline and you are still forced into heterosexual romance. two genders of the same character exist at the same time. irritating and ruins the experience. i am not the first to mention this here.

I love this game. Even spent money on an outfit and hero. I ended up being told I’m trying to make a new character on the same account I’ve been using after having to switch to a new phone and would love if this is remedied. Thank you.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. We would be happy to help you resolve this issue, but we are unable to locate your account at here. Please provide us with your server, nickname, and the issue you are facing by sending an email to our customer service team at We will work to resolve your problem ASAP. Thank you

Lots of wonderful features! Im pretty impressed with the game, its got an intriguing storyline that I feel effort has been put into (with romance yay!) and nice visuals (I say nice but honestly I think its gorgeous, I love the rocco style details). And you can make outfits for your character!! Im so excited about that haha, Ive always wished that was a feature! My wish is that they continue putting resources into the lovers, like more dates/stories and the like because Im hooked on this game!

  • Your Highness, thank you very much for your appreciation of the game. We will have more stories, costumes and updates in the future. We look forward to your future journey going smoothly. We wish you a pleasant gaming experience.

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