Mage Defense

[Game] Mage Defense

Mage DefenseMage Defense : A lot of fun with cute characters!

Mage Defense : The mage castle faced big crisis becasue monsters from devildom invaded into the castle.
Please protect the castle from monsters by employing various mages outside of the castle. Don’t pass many monsters, or you will lose the game.

“Mage defense” is a typical TOWER DEFENSE game, to protect the Mage castle from evil monsters by placing various mages with their capabilities in best strategic positions. We ended up creating a cool mixture of popular TD, fatasy mood & fun of raising characters just like RPG.

[ Mage Defense How to play]

– Place units the way monsters pass, and they will attact them automatically.
– Add more units or upgrade their ability to improve defensive power with gold you’ve got. The more waves you pass, the stronger monsters rush.
– Once you clear a stage, you will get star and gem points according to the number of lives.
– Some monster leaves a gem when they die. You can collect them by touching it.
– You can use gem to upgrade a unit more stronger, or purchase skills in upgrade scene.
– You can easily defeat the monsters if you make full use of the properties of monster like PHYSICS, ICE, FIRE, ELECTRIC.

[Mage Defense Features]

– Traditional fantasy-style cute characters
– A stunning feeling of beating monsters
– Engrossing and addictive game play.
– Variety of strategies from combinations of four factors to beat monsters
– Impressive and useful deadly skills.
– Absorbing and enjoyable 100 stages.
– Endless entering attractive 20 types of monsters.
– An eye-catching beautiful icon.

※ We are preparing up-date for more characters and stages.
※ Please share your own strategy by using #MageDefense in twitter.

Mage Defense user reviews:

This is the first tower defence game I’ve ever played and now I am hooked.

While the game is fun I find it to lag quite a bit I don’t see where it is fair for monsters to be able to warp closer to the end, as far as upgrading goes it seems like it is nearly impossible I think there should be better star and crystal rewards and I also think you should be able to take what money you’ve earned into the next battle or be able to use it for upgrading characters between battles as well

This goes with hex defense, etc. One of the best free tower defense games on android. I could do with a little less advertising, though–the in-game store should get you guys enough money. Playing on a hp touchpad–1024×768 and see no problems with graphics quality.ignore the whiners.

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