Slime vs. Mushroom2 – Be a wise leader

[Game] Slime vs Mushroom2

Slime vs Mushroom2As the war of mushrooms and slimes lasted for a long time, they developed their skills to cope with.

Someday there was a big conflict between them, as a result the leader of slime village was killed in the battle.

Without the leader, they were defeated terribly in many battles and faced the hard situation.

Please be a wise leader of slime tribe and save your slime friends. Your mission is to defend slime village from evil mushrooms by placing various slimes with their capabilities in best strategic positions.

How to play
Gather slime points by touching or dragging baby slimes from productive slimes(Mom slime/Twin mom slime) before mushroom corps attack.
Build up impregnable defenses with various slimes by placing them in best strategic positions.
The longer time passes, the stronger attack you will be face with.
Productive slimes sometimes produce diamonds instead of baby slimes, you can scout new talent slimes or upgrade them with diamonds.

Absorbing 140 stages.
Simple and easy operations.
Cute characters in the game.

Slime vs Mushroom2 user reviews :

Love this defence based battle game, and you have to be strategic also with the way you set up your slimes on the battlefield because it gets pretty hard later in the game, but you can also buy new stronger slimes and they also to have new abilities and its overall just an awesome game I give it 5/5 stars

MAN this game is so good but I would love to see a description of the enemies too in this game so I can go back and see the options for the strategizing planning I do so yeah I wouldn’t mind having an enemy option to see.

Great, simple and fun defense strategy game. In the vein of PVZ, Slime VS Mushroom 2 is a great little game with adorable graphics. Very smooth game play and just lots of addictive strategic fun.

A very good pvz style tower defense. However the enemy variety so far (just finished 1st chapter) is lacking. (Might get better later on)

I don’t rate an app too often but this game over here is so fun worth 5 stars!! I’m also glad that the free 100 Gems are back since I played this before. If you are good at defending, you should enjoy this!! It’s cute, cartoony and fun to play!! Highly recommended!

I liked it it was really’s like plants vs zombies but slimes! I love the art style its super cute!!! I would recommend download ing it viewers!

Great game but the weird thing is that Ice slime is used and when a fire bullet hits it, It doesn’t freeze off, be like pvz, make the game make sense. However please tell me WHY THE HELL YOU WANT ACCESS TO MY FILES AND STUFF?!

This game is so good. I like it, i so recommended this game to play. Thanks developer. Can you are make a new update? like a mini games. Or other But i soo thanksfull

Boo I want the old slime vs mushroom 2 back cause you can get 100 gems each daily it was easier now you need to download and do the task to get gems boo I like the graphics and controls.Nvm it’s back lol

This game brings back so many memories just like the first game. I used to play this when I was younger so much. Glad I found it again!

Installed this game after years again and I am so glad to see that it works on Android 11 too.

I always play this game whenever I’m bored or waiting for something and it is worth your time, really! Im telling you guys, you have to download this right now!

This is so awesome i wonder if the slime were real please play this game i would play this it has a lesson don’t eat the poisonous mushrooms or make your own diy video please download this app you would love it because if you wonder at the slime what’s real so i really like it because you can unlock any slime you want i wonder if you play this game if you have your own lab you can make all the slime

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