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[Game] Summon Dragons 2

Summon Dragons 2Embark on an epic adventure in Summon Dragons 2, the ultimate dragon-themed RPG game that takes you on a journey from a secluded ocean plot to becoming a legendary Dragonlord.

Build your island, construct powerful buildings, summon mighty dragons, and recruit skilled dragon trainers as you explore numerous dungeons and instances, each requiring strategic line-ups and tactics.

Key Features:

Build Your Dragon Sanctuary
Start your adventure on a tranquil ocean plot and transform it into a thriving Dragon Sanctuary. Customize your island’s layout, construct buildings, and watch your sanctuary flourish.

Unleash the Power of Dragons
Summon and nurture a diverse array of dragons, each with unique abilities and elemental affinities. Train them, form bonds, and lead them into challenging battles against formidable foes.

Explore Mysterious Dungeons
Dive into treacherous dungeons and instances scattered throughout the game world. Assemble your team of dragon trainers and heroes, strategize, and conquer these trials to uncover hidden secrets and earn valuable rewards.

Forge Weapons and Enhance Talents
Equip your dragons with exclusive weapons and enhance their innate talents, unlocking their full potential. Collect rare equipment and halidoms to bolster your dragons’ combat prowess.

Rich Rewarding System
Enjoy a rewarding system that makes progression exciting, catering to both casual players and dedicated strategists alike.

Idle Rewards for the Dragonlord on the Go
Even when you’re not actively playing, Summon Dragons 2 continues to reward your efforts with idle rewards. Your dragons will gather resources and improve, ensuring your journey towards becoming the ultimate Dragonlord never halts.

Summon Dragons 2 offers a captivating blend of dragon summoning, base-building, and dungeon exploration. Download now and embark on a dragon-filled adventure!

Summon Dragons 2 is free to download and play, with in-app purchases available to enhance your gaming experience. An internet connection is required to play.

Unleash the power of dragons and become the ultimate Dragonlord in Summon Dragons 2! Start your adventure today!

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Summon Dragons 2 user reviews :

I have mixed feelings about this game. I enjoy it, particularly because I find befriending a large variety of dragons to be really cool, but the gameplay is eerily familiar to another game I’ve played. So much so that the skill sets are completely identical, so far as I can tell. I really enjoyed the other game as well, but the fact it seems to be a reskinned copy both gives me prior experience on what to focus leveling, as well as feeling like I’m starting over from scratch.

I was expecging an improved version of Summon Dragons, but not at all. The dragon designs are cool, eventhough there are only three types, and I really enjoyed watching them evolve and change shape as they got stronger. Honestly, it disappointed me, but give it a try.

these idle games with this code doesn’t handle mobile tower switching very well. just because the phone disconnects and reconnects towers doesn’t mean the game should crash back to the desktop.. that being said this game is good.. same as eternal evolution.. just different characters and story line .. great time killer and fast progress if you’ve played this genre before. very ftp

Great game, loved Summon Dragons so nice to see a 2nd version like this. Only complaint, I wish you could rotate buildings when creating your island. Building your island feels like a gme a tetris but all the shapes are just different amount of Hexagons together.

instead of the same old, far away views of the dragons. put some action-packed close ups in there with maybe some close calls that are either countered or missed. that would break up the repetitious feel of the combat. Maybe animate 4 to 5 scenes so as to allow us to appreciate the scenes. Make them Kiaju sized Godzilla like fights to emphasize their size and weight. POWER!!!

It’s a good idle game. A little could be improved. Dragon exp during idle, maybe. Summoning items could be a little easier to get. Graphics are good. Game play is smooth and fun.

Fairly fun game but not much different than their rivals. Drop rate decay is horrible here too, even S characters don’t drop anymore and never had an SSS dropped from a draw when it wasn’t forced by 60 draw requirements. I know money must be made but F2P accts keep games like this afloat by giving whales someone to beat up and lord over. If they can’t build a team at all, then they leave and the whales go with them.

I’ve seen a lot of hate and I’m not sure why. The game has been well paced and given plenty of currency. I’m only at chapter 4-1 so maybe it gets less fair down the way. My biggest complaint is I wish I could rotate structures so I could make everything fit nicely.

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