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Magic IntuitionHave you ever thought, why some people don`t board an air plane, that is about to crash?

How do successful businessmen feel the market trends? Do you think you have to be a psychic for that?

Every day everyone of us is faced with myriad of choices that affect our lives. How can we make the best choice possible?

We can spend hours thinking and analysing, but we don`t always have time, for instance, in Forex real time trading, and surely a human mind is not able to foresee everything.
It is better to listen to our intuition, which is within each of us, we just forgot its voice.

Magic Intuition – an application that helps you improving your sixth sense, and to learn to make beneficial choices in different areas of life: business, professional orientation, private life, significant purchases, etc.

Why this App?
Absolutely no advertisement
Easy, fast, optimized
Different games with different levels of complexity
Convenient statistics
Table of personal and global records
Pleasant sound themes
Vibration mode available
Diverse motivation system, including coins, laziness progress bar etc.

Additionally for Pro version:
Dice game – one of the most ancient fortune games
Space game – save your team on a spaceship, finding the planets, suitable for life
Zener cards – this tool from early 1930-s tests the extrasensory perseption
Soccer betting – game of chance with no risk for your wallet
Reminders for convenient training schedule creation
Backup for securing & easy transfer of your data
The mode of the real Forex exchange rate, with 9 pairs of currencies


Magic Intuition user reviews :

A fun and a little addictive app. There are several guessing games you play that supposedly exercise your intuition. It claims, or seems to claim, that you can sharpen your intuition by doing so. In support, it uses some interesting probability and other statistical measures to evaluate your performance that I’m still to fully understand. Makes encouraging noises too: “Listen to yourself more!”. This is actually the only game I play on my phone, which I do several times a week. Highly recommend

  • Thank you Prashant! You don’t have to believe it works – you can test it. Have fun improving your intuition!

Since installing this app I have uninstalled it but that’s just because my phone was low on storage at the time however when I did use this app it was a little addicting at times only when I was doing well on it but later on that changed probably just because I wasn’t being intuitive enough but that’s because my surrounding’s were distracting probably. I like it though!

  • Thanks Melissa! Have fun training your intuition!

Although I score you guys at 5 some things still need work ie: instructions on how to play the games. Color & suite are obvious but the others not so much. Occasionally, it crashes however I am not sure that it maybe my phone. Game is challenging,fun & entertaining. Thanks for asking

  • Thank you Nurse! I am glad you like it. There were no crashes reported recently, so I wonder why this happens for you. If the problem remains, please send me more details so I can help

At first, I wasn’t really impressed. I thought that the application was misleading in the sense of giving the impression that it will be some type of fortune teller type of a thing, but after a review of the applications purpose, this app does serve its intended purposes with games that test your intuition- the 1st thing that you thought to do before you knew what to do. Thumbs up Designers

  • Brandy, it is an educational app for improving your sixth sense, with the digitalized methods that are used in this area. Hopefully if you give it a try, you will find it useful!

Very comfortable experience. No ads, a simple interface design and really at best qualitative-developing games. I sincerely advise it to anyone interested in the Arts of Intuition. All the luckiest

  • Thank you Lu! Please stand with my Ukraine!

This app can improve your intuition, trust me it has worked for me. I have been using the forex game and it has tranlated to predicting the market (60-65% of the time as of now). Still kind of limited because i can predict if the price is up or down on daily basis but not how much up and down. If you practice with the games you probably gonna even predict how much the price(circa) on a daily basis. Good luck

  • Thank you Dickson! Please pray for Ukraine!

I would like the scoring written in more simple terms. How psychic am I? The face/picture cards have to much color and throws off reading them. they should be simply black or red. overall great app! wish there were more like it. thanks!… thanks im not into zener cards. i think you can improve your deck. and define scoring in lay person understand. if you don’t like criticism, you shouldn’t ask for ratings on your app. your good for preschool level. much room to improve. good luck.

  • Thanks for your review! In card games I’ve tried to imitate the real card deck, like in classical intuition training. If this distracts you, you can use Zener cards – they are very simplistic in design! UPD. Surely this app has a lot to have improved! I will get to it once I have time apart for my another 2 projects.

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