Magic Mansion – A multitude of traps and enemies

[Game] Magic Mansion

Magic Mansion Tap to jump and avoid traps while climbing the challenging levels of the Magic Mansion, in this retro pocket-sized platform game by Nitrome and Sets And Settings.


A multitude of traps and enemies
One-touch gameplay
Pure 1-bit retro arcade experience
Over 1 color!
Many characters to unlock

Important information!

This game is funded by adverts but is completely free to play with no timers or boosters to ruin your experience. There is an option to remove popup ads for a one off in-app purchase.

We hope you enjoy our little game. If you do please consider giving us a nice review, tell your friends and maybe try some of our other games.

Magic Mansion user reviews :

Fun game. Quite challenging even with the limited types of obstacles. Not sure what the point is of changing characters as they all seem to perform the same. Nothing wrong with that. I like simplistic 1 button games. So this one will be staying on my phone for a while.

such a challenging game! the people who rate it so low should know that it is their own incompetence in failing to appreciate such a masterpiece. the art style is beautiful and the music amazing. i love this game and it really keeps me hooked on for the times i want a small break from studies. can’t play it for too long but that’s how arcade games should be. this is perfection! nice work develpers. i have been following nitrome games since the last 7 years and i love all the games you make

Really cute and simple graphics, refreshing to see a company move outside their comfort zone (Nitrome usually makes shoot-em’-down platformers on their official website), adorable characters, nice idea. My only complain is the lack of tutriotal at the start and the difficulty. This game counts how many times you’ve played, i just reached 100 and my highscore is 15. 15. Perhaps i just suck at the game but it’s really frustrating. Amazing in every other factor, would recommend! Keep it up!

Movement too slow and repetitive with each character (as far as I’ve gone through) – could have based characters on skills like SMB.2(USA) did with Mario and the company. For the mentioned reason of very slow movement, it’s easy to slip to your demise pretty quickly and instead of putting the Retry button below Continue window, it’s making you move your finger to close it and waste over 3 seconds to retry which seems pretty annoying to me.

Pretty nice game! Very simple and minimal but also super cute! I love the art style and I play it when I’m bored. Just the right amount of challenging to get your brain running! I would rate it a 5 star if there were more features though Overall, great game. Really liked it

I didn’t really like the fact you don’t have full control of your character. You basically become sort of a pinball going left to right or vice versa & your only real “ability” is to jump over stuff or hope you can. I’d like to have the option of directly controlling my character which this doesn’t give you. It makes it too hard to play without this.

Pretty hard game but it’s a pretty good time waster, it has that flappy bird kind of feel but it has a lot more stuff going on in it. Skippable ads as well!

I’ve paid for no ads, but since I got a new phone the ads are back. Purchases I make should be linked to my account, like the actual game – not to my phone.

I like this game a lot but I have to sign in with Google Play games after every game and there’s a glitch when you get stuck on a ladder and it just keeps going until you exit the game.

Simple and to the point. The controls feel a little stiff. Nice design though.

love the graphics but thats all, this is very boring and painfully hard i mean i love hard games but this is not fun, it makes no sense.

I would have liked this game more if I could’ve had full control of the character’s movements.

This game has a lot of potential considering I played to get all characters. My only issue is that I feel like I spend more time staring at a glitched screen than actually playing. I have plenty of screenshots of how bad these glitches can get,even lagging my phone. If that issue is fixed I think this would get much better reviews.

this game has sooo much potential, but the controls are holding it back! I think the game would be better if you could move yourself manually and if you could jump higher. most of the enemy’s you have to get REALLY close to in order to jump over them, that’s why having a bigger jump would be better. and if you could move the character with some simple arrow keys the game would be much easier to play! also, the canons are to op. they move to quickly much like the other mobs in the game to jump over. PLEASE FIX and I’ll add some more stars

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