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[Game] Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket Rust Bucket is a turn based dungeon crawler that is built with mobile in mind. Game play is fast and death is never far away so it’s perfect for your daily commute.

Swipe to take a step, swipe into enemies to attack. It’s as simple as that, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a casual game!

Explore an endless dungeon with more to discover the deeper you go.
Many enemy types each with their own distinctive rule set to overcome.

Make your way through the levels to become a fully qualified looter.
Turn based traps.
Puzzle your way past traps or use them to catch enemies!
Explore numerous dungeon themes to reach the top scoring rooms.
Compete against your friends on Game Center to get the best score!
Coming Soon: Puzzle levels and more Endless Mode content.
This is just the beginning!

Free to Play:

The game is completely free to play but because we like to eat and pay bills and stuff we use advertising to monetise the experience. There are no boosters to pay for or timers to wait for, just the occasional ad.

“But I don’t like ads!”

You are in luck, through the wonders of in-app purchases we are able to offer a way to remove the immersion blockers from the game for a one-off fee.

Cross-promotion ads for Nitrome’s other games will not be removed by the Remove Ads in-app purchase.

We hope you enjoy our little game. If you do please consider giving us a nice review, tell your friends and maybe try some of our other games.

Rust Bucket user reviews :

Only thing that sucks about the game are the short ads most times you die. Besides that it’s an amazing game. Some levels do feel too hard because you need to try them 10-15 times and watch a ton of ads. It’s one of the best puzzle games I’ve played on Android. The more you play it the better it gets. And the levels are simple enough if you just try them enough times. Without ads it would be amazing.

Great graphics, good music and solid mechanics. A bit more explanation or some levels exploring enemy patterns more are needed. As it is, the later levels require planning very far ahead to not die, and I ended up doing them over and over again until I found a successful sequence of moves. It was extremely satisfying though when I was able to figure out the trick on a hard level.

Great game! Enemy mechanics could use some explanation, like the 30-40 place. Very difficult too but it is possible. Also creative mechanic of changing weapons and solving puzzles with a bow or an age really makes you think. I really enjoyed it and wish there were more levels. Like on lvl 40 there’s one enemy you’ve never seen before and they’re only on that level. Would been nice to play around with them more.

It was a very enjoyable game especially with the diversity of levels but also keeping it to one theme of this guy going through dungeons and fighting monsters. And I liked the way the game taught the player about new enemies and mechanics. The endless mode is also cool but I can never get past it.

Despite its simplicity, this is absolutely my most favorite Nitrome game. I beat the story mode levels a long time ago and I’m still playing because I adore Endless mode. Enemy clearing can be tedious but after you get good enough it’s almost therapeutic. Oh, and blowing up multiple statues with one pot? Never gets old. My one reservation is that the game’s connection to Google Play Games is completely, utterly broken. But if it gets fixed, I’m going straight for that #1 record score!

i Love it! since the levels are not pre-made, it doesn’t start to feel repetitious like redungeon does. i lime the name as well… the one problem i find is that, sometimes i will lose because i swiped slightly to a different side, and got moved there. there also is no way to change how you move, and the “settings” has none

The perfect Crypt of The Necrodancer substitute on Android which plays even better than the original game at some points, although it misses the so called beat movement from CoTN. It’s a simple game with a nice design, easy to play and hard to master especially when it comes to pushing through endless procedurally generated rooms in the endless mode.

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