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[Game] Shop of Forgotten Memories

Shop of Forgotten MemoriesWhen your beloved grandmother passes away under mysterious circumstances, you’re left to pick up the pieces of her legacy.

But this is no regular family inheritance—instead, you find yourself the brand-new owner of an antique shop filled to the brim with unique and exotic artifacts.

Keeping the shop afloat is the least of your worries, however, when you discover the ghosts of three family heirlooms haunting the shop! Luckily, these spirits are here to help, and you soon find yourself relying on them for protection from a far more sinister spirit roaming the halls…

With the ghosts of the heirlooms at your side, can you find the truth behind your grandmother’s passing and expel the vengeful spirit from your new home, or will you become its latest victim?


Meet Yuuma — The Protective Soul

Tethered to a fountain pen, Yuuma reflects the morose, awkward demeanor of poets and writers throughout time. Despite his dismal attitude, he means well and does all he can to make sure you’re adjusting to your new life. You soon discover that some of Yuuma’s self-deprecation is a recent development with a mysterious origin. Can you help him recognize his self-worth, or will he continue to dwell on his shortcomings forever?

Meet Ayame — The Debonair Spirit

Ayame is a vivacious and fashion-forward spirit tied to a kanzashi hairpin. Articulate, playful, and prone to punning, his very presence lights up the otherwise old and gloomy antique shop. Ayame’s smile, however, conceals his longing to participate once more in the world of the living. Can you give Ayame a taste of what he’s been missing and make him feel alive again?

Meet Hakuren — The Tempestuous Specter

Tied to a temari ball, Hakuren may look the meekest of the heirloom spirits but his fiery and prickly demeanor proves otherwise. His short temper seems to burn toward you in particular, but you’re unsure why. Can you encourage Hakuren to open up to you, or will the rift between you only widen?

Shop of Forgotten Memories user reviews :

i don’t understand why some people are complaining about the puzzles i personally like it tbh, it makes reading the story more fun. been playing genius games for a long time & the puzzle is definitely a great change for me, instead of reading the story all in one go. and as for the storyline, i love it too !! the art is top notch, as always. keep up the great work !!

So I switched email accounts so I haven’t been doing reviews for the past few games but let me tell you, this storyline was amazing and so captivating. I loved the plot twist and you guys even added the puzzles which I had no problem completing. I have read almost all of your stories and they never disappoint. Looking forward to more releases!

Guys I love the plot, but the ending made me cry so much. Usually your endings have been nice and lik that. But this ending just left me empty and missing something. The ones u don’t choose just dissapear from your life. Even though its not mentioned after you choose, it feels horrible. I didn’t even want to choose and just leave it there, but I had hope that it could be a plot twist or something. But no. Now am crying TwT Also love the puzzles!

Genius back at it again! I was never a fan of suspense and thriller games but guess what lol my previous favorite from genius is Nocturne of Nightmares and now this! they did a really great job in making it interactive and the puzzle part of the game is definitely new and i would love to see it in more games in the future. I love it!

It’s really superb to explore and search for the items for getting clues .I really Enjoyed this game .I haven’t expected to search the items by myself it’s really a new invention.At frist I thought it would give an option or so for the items to be found.I really appreciate it very much .And thanks for your new invention I really enjoyed as if Iam dirctly involved in this games .The graphics and sonds are als amazing to go with this game.

It was the best, best, best, best!! I loved it soooooo much!! The MC is good. The characters were awesome!! Hakuren is a little rude but that’s cute. It feels like he behaves rude cause he is embarrassed. The story line is amazing and thrilling!! The music was also good. The story was in a perfect shape, almost a little big… And the very reason I loved this game is that ghost stuff. I do have interest in paranormal things. Grate work!! I want more games like this one. Thank you so much!

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