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[Game] Mahjong Club

Mahjong Club  Get ready for a new, orginal and challenging Mahjong solitaire game.

The goal in Mahjong Club is to match identical tiles to remove from the board. When all tiles are removed you have solved the majong puzzle! Can you complete all 5000+ levels? Install Now!


Over 5,000 free board setups
Beautiful landscapes as backgrounds
Auto Fit

Choose your own score system:
no timer no pressure
mahjong combi points
stars & time
no score system
High scores & personal statistics
Turn sounds on or off
No Wifi, no problem! Play offline if you wish.
Join a club, play & chat together
Simple pick-up-and-play controls

This is how you play Mahjong Club:

On the mahjong board, pairs of tiles are dealt at random. The maximum amount of tiles is 144.
Your task is to find pairs and match them
A matched pair will be removed from the majong board
When all tiles are removed from the board you have completed the level
When you have completed a level you will unlock the next level
Use a booster when you are having a hard time to complete a majong puzzle
Make sure you are online for the best experience. Offline is possible as well!

Can you beat all the levels in Mahjong Club? Play for free and relax!

Contact & more info:
Many more cool features will be added to Mahjong Club in the coming months. Feel free to tell us what you like to see in the game!

Terms of Service can be found here:
Privacy Policy can be found here:

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Mahjong Club user reviews :

So far very nice. Every 4 levels passed, you get a new board. First ones are OK then the backgrounds are lush. No timer. Music is soothing and ads aren’t annoying. For a modest amount you can remove them. If you exhaust your matches, the tiles shuffle automatically without a penalty and that appears unlimited. You can join a league and engage in tournaments Also you can request coins and help others. Thank you to the developers for a very pleasant play experience. Highly recommend.
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are going to try to improve our Mahjong game more! Hope you’ll enjoy it for years
At first there is no ad, but once you’ve played a few levels, you get spammed with as many ads as often as possible. Combine that with the fact that (at least the first levels) the levels are really easy and quick to be finished it makes for an awful experience.
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you Florence for your feedback! You can enjoy the game forever without ads for making a 1-time in app purchase. We need to pay the salary of our developers
When I’m in the middle of assignments, this is the perfect occupying game. Each round only takes minutes and stimulates my mind so I stay sharp. It’s also really fun! No glitches that I’ve seen and loads up quickly. 10 out of 10 for sure!
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are going to try to improve our Mahjong game more! Hope you’ll enjoy it for years
Really enjoying this game. I love that there aren’t many ads and they don’t interfere with the game. I’m not sure about the groups and tournaments, I wish there was more info somewhere in what this entails. My only negative is that there is no way to restart the game (the daily challenge) . Sometimes I know I’ve messed it up and I have to continue to when there are no more moves in order to start it again. There should be a ‘restart this game’ button! Or even a ‘back’ button!
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback Janine! Good feedback which we’ll discuss. In the tournaments it is your goal to collect as many golden tiles as possible by completing levels, the winners will get rewards (coins, and flowers to obtain crowns)
A great app with a reasonable ad frequency. My main problem is with the excessive duration of some ads. Five seconds is all it takes for a user to appreciate an ad and decide how to react to it. Anything longer than five seconds is just annoying. If an ad lasts longer than it takes to resume play by closing and reopening the app something is wrong with the app’s ad policy. Update 2022/03/02 Last update wiped out all my progress. Time to uninstall especially since the ad policy remains the same.
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback Charles! We will discuss internally the ad durations and networks we’re using to see if we can improve the user experience
A great way to play mahjong. whether your learning or a pro. also great music as well. another great point is the option to allow blocked tiles. offers variety. I also like how you don’t really need to watch ads to play. there’s one every now and then but it only lasts 30 seconds and it’d not while in mid game.
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are going to try to improve our Mahjong game more! Hope you’ll enjoy it for years

Latest Update :

Hello Mahjong enthusiasts! We have made some updates to the game to improve its stability and increase the challenge. These updates include:

A new method to acquire Lightning Bolts for free during weekend tournaments
The “Pause” button has been eliminated from the game if you’re not using the “Stars & Time” score system
Facebook Login is no longer an option, so please ensure that you secure your account using Google Login.

Contact developer :


Video :

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