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Mahjong Monster ManiaThe scariest time of year is here – it’s Halloween!

Embark on an adventure through a witch’s lair, graveyard and other spooky lands. Encounter interesting characters on your journey – but are they there to help, or do they want to trick you? On your adventures you’ll have the chance to collect valuable treasures and – best of all – lots of Halloween candy! Our mahjong game will have you scared sweet!

An unsolvable puzzle is no fun at all – that’s why we’ve designed our standard and expert difficulty mahjong games so that they are always solvable. Match tiles and have fun without worrying that you’ve made the wrong move and got yourself into an unsolvable situation.

If you ever get stuck on a puzzle, hints are only a quick tap away!

On your Halloween adventure, you’ll discover unique crafting tiles. Collect all the pieces of the same item and you’ll get to keep that piece of treasure. Don’t want to keep it? You can sell your valuable treasures for thousands and thousands of coins! At the end of each mahjong puzzle, you can open 1-3 additional treasure chests to get even more useful items to help you on your adventure through the spooky maps.


Classic mahjong rules with a Halloween twist
Easy to understand gameplay and helpful hint system
Embark on a spooky mahjong adventure through over 75 challenging levels
More maps, features & levels added all the time
Collect Mahjong Halloween artwork to print, save & use as a HD background
Free daily rewards for active players
Each level uses its own unique Halloween themed tile sets
Replay each level as many times as you like to earn more coins
Earn coins to unlock more mahjong boards
Play offline – no wifi needed!

Enjoy the full Mahjong Halloween experience wherever you are. With full offline functionality, you’ll always be able to enjoy a mahjong adventure. Play in the car, on the way to work or even in a dark, spooky forest – if you dare.


Land 1 – Trick Or Treat
Put on your best Halloween costumes and go trick or treat! Journey through the spooky graveyard to get to the neighbourhood. What kind of monsters will you see on your way?

Land 2 – Scared Sweet
It’s time to get some sweet Halloween candy! You’re sure to meet some interesting characters on your journey. Are they friendly? There’s only one way to find out!

Land 3 – Mystic Moonlight
Under the light of the mystic moon, what ghouls and spooky entities are watching you as you journey through this land?

Land 4 – Spooky Travels
With your Halloween candy it’s time to go on another adventure. Legend has it this place is haunted, and the ghosts that roam these parts love candy – will you share it or risk making them angry?

Land 5 – Coming Soon!
We’re regularly adding more maps and levels to Mahjong Halloween!


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Mahjong Monster Mania user reviews :

Nice graphics, relaxing, unless you do the bonus games. The match 3 is pretty annoying. When I have to play the same game, over and over to get 3 stars, I’m over it. Ease up on the March 3’s, would get a 5 star rating. Don’t mind the ads, just get tired of seeing the same ones, over and over. Guess the whole thing is pretty repetitious!

Just updated my game and I’m now uninstalling. The ads were awful before- 2 ads for each level. This new update is even worse. An ad as soon as you open the game, then 2 more ads for each level. Ads are necessary for free play, but this is beyond ridiculous. Plenty of other, better games where the developer doesn’t over do it with ads. The game is now too irritating to play with all the mandatory ads.

I suppose All Things Considered it’s a nice game to pass time with but the amount of ads between levels is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve been tolerating them so far but the Creators should at least make them so you can shut them off after a few seconds and not have to sit through the whole ad.

I enjoy this game and the christmas version also. There are so many games within it. No need to look for other mahjong games because these two are so complex. I’ve been playing them for a year and a half and there is still plenty of game left!! Also, there are beautiful pictures.

Love it! What a rewarding game. The graphics are great, levels entertaining & not overly taxing. Good choice in “play” music – very much with the theme of the game. Rewards for completed levels are good with many other rewards given for general participation. Ads aren’t too much with most of them resulting in extra rewards for your efforts! Will be recommending friends to play.

This game is so cool. I down loaded it at work. I can’t put it down. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try. It’s relaxing, fun, full of choices and color. Omg. Color is fantastic. Give it a try. You’ll love it.

Fun game to play! Graphics are kinda basic, but lots of rewards and easy to learn to play. Good game…

I’m not as young as before and my brain function is slow so this game is giving me a chance to exercise my eye and brain functioning together

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