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Make it FlyBecome a master constructor and create flying machines that stand the test of quality – only sky’s the limit! Build your own airplanes and use them to complete exciting missions. Are you ingenious enough to make all of it work?

Intuitive building interface – use available elements in your own, creative way
Various tasks to complete – think about them when you build!
Unlock new types of elements & bases – never run out of ideas!
Become a pilot and a constructor – hold your fate in your hand!

Make it Fly is the ultimate dream of a flight enthusiast. Not only complete exciting flying tasks, but do it in the planes of your own design and creation!

Create the most effective flying contraptions you can think of or go crazy and see if the wildest machines you can imagine can still fly. Complete all of the challenges the game has in store for you or invite your own.

Live your own dream about flying. Sky’s the limit!

Make it Fly user reviews :

Would be a 4 star, ads completely kill the fun though. If it was a more original or graphically superior to the other 6 million little time killer games it might be worth it. As is though, the whole model of punish people who don’t pay…. fail. Reward people for spending a dollar or two, your game is literally 3/4 advertising. And since it’s not unique…. meh. Game portion is fun and challenging though

Annoying ad for this game where usual dumb individual can’t do simple task make me give this game a really bad grade but this ad has nothing to do with the game, the game is generic placement of parts that you get by earning coins with…get this … watching ads and you can build parts only on designated places which completely destroy the base premise of the game and you are left with uninspired bs that is made only to watch ads and not do much else, avoid, it isn’t interesting

Nice enough game play initially, it looks good, but there’s no real skill involved. The main issue though is that for every 5 seconds of game you’ll watch 15 seconds of ads.

Decent enough game. I guess. Gave up after 9 minutes of play resulted in 7 forced ads. Not worth the waste of time to line the pockets of the game creator. Insulting to think it’s acceptable, but clearly they don’t care and just want to make a few bucks.

I do enjoy the game. But there are a few things that could be improved, allowing the parts to truly be place wherever the player wants would be amazing. Another thing which would help the game would be more destruction physics, even a simple engine to simulate the cardboard’s speed and durability to just show, doesn’t even have to be accurate, but just allow the cardboard to be crushed and bent would give the game so much more life. One more thing to add would be to customize the cardboard color

Just.. okay. The adless side of the game is fun. It’s great. But what takes off 3 stars is the ads. Almost every time I finish a level, ad. Collecting a object, ad. Upgrading. Ad. Yes yes, you need ads to make this free to play. I understand that. But atleast try not to put ads in places where people need to tap. And they are all 30 seconds long.

The idea and concept is brilliant. I just can’t get on with the amount of adds you are forced to watch after completing a level etc. Why not put in content in a shop that gives you an option to watch for components or gold? I would also suggest an edit button rather than build. Once you have built your plane it’s unlikely you’ll modify it for a bit. Instead you have to build it for each level.

Overall a simple but fun game. Playing on difficult gives you the option to really get silly with your plane designs. The ads are a lot and you will get sick of them quickly. I purchased the no ads upgrade and it’s great, well worth it. I will say that after I upgraded, for some reason I lost a few plane part options and now I’m limited in my build. It’s rather frustrating since I just spent money on the game because I enjoy it so much, hence the 4 stars I stead of 5.

I like this game and also wanted to answer some other people’s questions. I recommend turning the game to “hard mode” if you want to use all of youe parts on any level cause otherwise it won’t let you. And as far as ads go I have disabled wifi to the game so it will never give me ads. This does restrict watching ads to multiply your winnings at the end of each round fyi. Hope this helps someone

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