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[App] Moto Bike – Offroad Racing

Moto BikeMoto Bike: Offroad Racing is a racing game for real racers with extremely crazy offroad tracks.

Moto Bike: Offroad Racing has been beautifully designed for players of all age groups with simple control and challenging adventures.
Drive off-road motorcycles to overcome difficult challenges and become the best racer.

Smooth camera view
Smooth control
New real sounds

Moto Bike user reviews :

it’s not bad the game is very good but sometimes it takes some time to complete some of the levels of the game , I like wining prizes, New skins and more , the game is very well made. I’m also a really big fan of the flips to. It’s also very good for people who are like l said a big fan of bike riding my favourite skin is the shark skin the blade’s creep me out! Sometimes because when my character touches the blade’s it’s almost like the character gets killed or when he falls on his head

While an obvious knock-off, this game is thoroughly enjoyable if you like the genre, even without paying a pence. I played through all 80 available levels in an evening (and paid for ad-free as thanks, finding the experience worth the few quid). I only gave four stars because the balancing for the level star-rating is a bit wacky, though. While I was able to get three stars without problems on 74 out of 80 levels (I’m used to these mx games), six levels have unrealistic or impossible time requirements for 3 stars. Most of the others were WAY to easy. Devs: you should review the difficult or impossible star requirements for the following levels: 48,53,63,64,77,78. In addition you might want to make many of the other ones more difficult as well.

Really amazing superb I enjoyed it very much its an incredible arcade like game (((creators please make more levels I love this game

Wow it’s really fun buh the Ads is too much… N I even thought is a free data

I’ve played these games since they first came out. They’re the same “idea” but the game has evolved… different bike’s & cool upgrades! I obviously like the games, and the ad’s aren’t bad either… that is AFTER I paid 5 bucks to have them removed, IKR! YES, I STILL HAVE AD’S AFTER PAYING, just not as many

There is too many ads after racing each level and it is irritating everytime and I do not want to pay for the ad to get removed because I don’t have the money to buy for the ads to get rid of them and I wish you guys not to have a ad everytime you finish a level and you don’t have to pay for no more ads to pop up and I wish for you can have the ads to be free to be removed

I love this and the best game ever I’m going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really good game reminds me of one I played when I was young. BUT WAY TOO MANY FORCED ADS. I would like to purchase to remove ads but there are so many it puts me off and I think I would stay be offered a lot of unwanted ads.

Way too many adds, even including a banner add in the game screen itself. Uninstalled after 3 races and 10 minutes. Response to developer: It’s pretty obvious how to get a better rating. Hope to see a better ad policy from you soon. (And what’s with the kissy face??)

  • Hi, we are constantly striving to improve our game. Hope to get better ratings from you soon

It is an amazin game I haven’t ever in my life played a better game then this so 1000000% recommended by me five  thx to the people who made this game it’s spot on

I was really enjoying this until some crypto card ad came up. The ad was fine, but it locked up at a screen wanting me to launch the app store and download the app for it. Can’t play the game if ads are locking me out.

This one is probably one of the very few Android bike games that feels comparable to iOS’s Bike Baron. But too many ads. Less ads and could be 5 stars.

It’s a really great game but it’s just that they’re toooo many ads like an ad just comes each and every time your done playing a level but otherwise is a very good game

This game is awesome! I liked moto x3. The graphics on this version are cleaner and the controls seem smoother

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