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Make Me BetterYour constant struggle to read something motivational and positive is now over.

The Make Me Better app brings to you a vast selection of easy to read articles for uplifting your mood and improving your personality.

Our goal is simple: Provide the best quality and summarized content for daily motivation, personality development and self care.

Besides the article, you will also get mental wellness videos, podcast, motivational quotes, life hacks and positive affirmations.

All the articles and videos are short (3 to 5 min read) and summarized, which are easy to remember and practical in real life too. It is like your digital coach for personality development, mental wellness & motivation.

Articles on Self Improvement
Our team writes super engaging and highly effective articles on different topics. These articles are to the point, very precise and are actionable too.
There are already more than 500+ articles on leadership, time management, success, motivation, relationships, and psychology.
And we also publish a new article every alternate day to keep you on your toes in the Self improvement journey.

Daily Motivational Quotes
Quotes are a great tool for saying too much in too little words.
With daily quotes, you get transformative and powerful quotes. You can scroll all day reading through best and unknown quotes here. We have inspirational quotes, love quotes, positivity quotes, sad quotes to name a few.
We also have a daily quotes widget which shows you a new inspiring quote every time you unlock your phone.

Daily Positive Affirmations
Saying a few positive words might sound insignificant, but if done regularly, they have the power to change your mindset and rewire your brain. Affirmations are effective in boosting our confidence, changing our behavior and making us believe in our abilities. With these prompt positive affirmations, you will feel confident all day.

Actionable Daily Life Hacks
To make the learning even more easy, enjoyable, and implementable, we have life hacks that will help you ease your daily tasks. Here you can browse our life hacks collection on topics like finance tips, relationship advice, health tips & much more.

Videos and Podcasts
The Make me better app also comes with a growing library of podcasts and videos on various self care and self help topics. Many a time due to lack of time, we skip mental wellness goal, that’s why we have started the self improvement podcast & videos.

Live a calm worry free life
We all come across difficult and stressful days in our life. To handle these days and situations, we need a lot of motivation and positive intellect. Our podcast and videos can help you stay calm and develop a positive intellect.

We will remind you
The Make me Better app will notify you of all the new personality development articles, self help tips and motivational quotes. Hence, you will never lose your track on self development.

Our take on Mental wellness and Self Improvement
We as a society care more about our physical wellbeing while ignoring our mental wellness. We think mental wellness is only for intellect and decision maker. Mental wellness plays a vital role in a happy and prosperous life and to achieve it we have to improve our self constantly.

Learn Implement and improve
Make me better will help you in personality development and mental wellness with easy to follow articles. In the app, you will get videos and articles on different topics like:-
Self Motivation
Communication Skills
Goal Setting
Lifestyle choices
Habit building
Career Growth
Family & Relationships
Mental Wellness

By investing only 5 min daily in Make Me Better app, you can reap benefit which can significantly improve your Life.

If you want to improve yourself and become better than, you have arrived at the right app.

Install the app now and meet the new YOU.

Make Me Better user reviews :

The app just looking at it the first time has a lot of things that would love to learn but I find when I click on the videos to watch the app crashes and closes all the time. Getting info on the app crash from my phone when it does it says that the app has a big which is why the videos cause it to crash. Wish it really worked better looks like something I could really benefit from

What you need in life, it gives you right advice to move ahead. At least, this is one app, is not any mentor, shows path and motivates. Thanks for the wonderful app.

Ive not gad much experience, on this YET, but hopefullyI get to access it, a bit better, hopefully, surely, patiently, successfully a d I will see how i get on, so wish me luck, but hopefully I wont need it! ? …. So far soo good 2☆’s, lets hope I can re-rate this app, better and mors, if and when I sucxessfully, get to rate it better.

After you read article you cannot hide it. So every time you need to scroll down all the articles you have read while app are loading old article slowly… I hope developers fix it. I want to read 100 articles, but I don’t want to load 100 times to every article it is insane. For example, swipe left will hide an article or when you add an article to the bookmarks it will be hidden from “articles” screen.

How it’s possible to read our heart words , before reading opening the app ,I was thinking about thought and then when I open the app what topic i am thinking it will show on top.Its good

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