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Pure WriterThis is a fast plain text and Markdown editor designed with what we believe “a good writing experience” should be.

Pure Writer now supports conversing with ChatGPT on the secondary screen, which can provide you with information consultation and answers during your writing process. Moreover, if you enable Pure Writer Copilot, you will also be able to receive real-time writing suggestions and candidate content within the editor.

Pure Writer is minimalistic and it allows you to write at your heart’s content anytime, anywhere without fearing that you’ll lose your content ever again.

With Pure Writer’s line and paragraph spacing feature, your text will be clearer and more comfortable to read. Not only that, but it also has smooth scrolling, swipe-to-collapse-keyboard, and many more exciting features.

Simplicity is hidden complexity. You are able to encrypt your work with your fingerprint, start or stop writing whenever you wish, and share your content quickly to other apps — we’ve got you covered.

Most importantly, unless you manually delete it, you will never ever lose your work while using this text editor. Be it an accidental deletion or an unexpected shutdown, you will still be able to recover it from the History.

We value your work and hope you’ll enjoy using Pure Writer.

Some features:

Support smooth animation of Android 11 soft keyboard, allowing smooth control of the rise and fall of the soft keyboard with your fingertips
Support unlimited words
Breathing cursor effect
Support automatic completion of symbols in pairs
Support automatic deletion of symbol pairs
Support reformat…

Pure Writer – Protective Mechanism

1. The article will be saved once the content is changed. If that fails, Pure Writer will notify the user immediately

2. Pure Writer will check if your content is saved in the database every two seconds. If it fails, Pure Writer will notify the user immediately

3. Local and Cloud backup: Every time the app is running in the background or exited, it will automatically backup the whole database if any content is edited

4. History record support

5. Undo and redo supports

6. A Trash folder to prevent accidental deletion of articles

Privacy Policy:

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Pure Writer user reviews :

I gotta say, I didn’t expect as much from this app. I am impressed! Tried them all and this one stands out by its simplicity, fast open time, navigation experience and options . I really really hope I will be able to get more out of the “Assistant”, it’s more like a side notebook. It would be awesome to set specific commands for basic stuff using text to speech and voice recognition maybe Google assistant integration? Great job!!

amazing app that I’ve been using for a long while now, even paid for the full version for a few months and was very happy with it, it was cheap and had useful features, but the base app was so awesome i just wanted to chip in to help the developers. stopped the subscription bc i started college and hadn’t had time to write that much but when i have time I’ll probably subscribe again. no major issues, no lost files, privacy features, customization, everything is what it should be. 5/5 and above

I genuinely love this app. It’s specifically designed for writing books and it’s constantly being updated so it’s always improved upon. It also has lots of features and although some of the features are only available in the premium version, I still think it’s an amazing writing app even if you choose to be a free user. Edit: I recently noticed something. The Pure Writer app counts an emoji as two words when your writing with emojis. This isn’t really an issue. But I just thought to mention it.

All functions are now fixed to show in real-time with the markdown view (different headings, bold, italicization, charts.) Changed back to 5 stars. Many great features such as history with time and date of creation/edit. Purewriter has been my favourite writing app. I would dare to say it’s even better than the classic Microsoft Word if I do say so myself and it only keeps getting better. Buying the lifetime vers was worth it. Amazing work, devs! Thank you.

  • Thank you very much. If you have more needs or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: drakeet[at]drakeet.com

I am a professional author, poet and scriptwriter and have been using Pure Writer without fail for every single one of my creative drafts since discovering it some years ago. It’s ease of use, excellent organisation features and fail-free backups make this the go-to writing tool of my choice. It’s especially handy for those moments when you are on the move and you need to jot down a sudden burst of inspiration or an idea. My heartfelt thanks to the developer for the regular feature updates.

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