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[Game] Marble Legend

Marble LegendMarble Legend is a fantastic marble puzzle game that brings classic marble madness to your fingertips. As a marble master, take on an adventure through various secret scenes to find legendary treasure in adventure mode. Challenge yourself in the ball shooter style by completing levels in challenge mode and showcase your skills as a marble master.

How to play:
1. Shoot to match three or more colored balls.
2. Tap to swap the current ball with the next one.
3. Boost your score with power-ups and combos.

Game Features:
Easy to learn, hard to master.
Many secret maps for addictive gameplay.
Three game modes with challenging levels.
Discover arrows, bombs, and exciting props.

Navigate through the adventure to survive secret scenes, or take on the challenge to prove your marble mastery. Marble Legend introduces additional elements, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

Immerse yourself in this classic marble fun game, honing your skills and conquering levels in this mesmerizing puzzle adventure! Master the marble madness and enjoy the thrill of this classic marble game!

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Marble Legend user reviews :

Only been playing 5 mins and being asked to give a review. I WILL give one but need to play for while first. EDIT: OMGOSH I LOVE THIS GAME!! Well now I’ve had a chance to play this wonderful game and as you can tell, I’m very enthusiastic. Beautiful art work and colours are popping. Can be challenging but not impossible Off now to indulge in my new guilty pleasure

  • We deeply apologize for the unsatisfactory gaming experience you had. Your feedback is crucial to us. We are committed to addressing the issues and making improvements to game.

What the HELL just happened!!?? The Game just changed up on me, and I lost all progress…. Is this the new update? It looks so plastic full of freaking ads… am not even playing it. I am just deleting the app this is the WORST!! After all these years, can’t believe it has come to this

  • We apologize if the recent changes to our game didn’t meet your expectations. We’ve been working hard to enhance our Zuma gameplay, aiming to provide a more engaging experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we truly appreciate it. Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions you have. Thank you for your continued support!

Too many ads, literally an ad after you complete every level. Takes all the enjoyment out of the game and stinks of desperation for people to pay to remove the ads. I recommend avoiding this and choosing another app of this type. There are many better ones to choose from.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ads. While our game is free to play and relies on ads for revenue, we’re committed to minimizing their impact on gameplay. Thank you for your understanding and support!

I would give 5* cuz not many ads BUT frog just freezes & then will fire at a spot multiple times even though I’m not firing! Frustrating! It makes you lose!

  • Hi, please click “Support” in the game setting and contact us. We need detailed informations of the issues you mentioned. And we will try our best to solve it for you.

Fun Zuma type game. Not too difficult but still challenging as levels increase. Almost exactly what I was looking for.

It’s just another fun, challenging game to pass the time. Those who are familiar with Zuma will automatically know how the game is played.

I absolutely love this game It’s a moving matching game. . I like this game very challenging and fun when I get the time to play the game. Well done develop team

What a wonderful fun and entertaining game… I love that this game has tons of challenging levels and gives you lots of varieties to help you throughout the game to complete levels faster. Great game !!!

Ok fun game! The coins you get each round pass is kinda sad. I lost interest fast.

  • We deeply apologize for the unsatisfactory gaming experience you had. Your feedback is crucial to us. We are committed to addressing the issues and making improvements to game.

Fun game, minimal ads, fantastic colors and graphics!

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