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MarkersMarkers is a simple, multitouch, pressure-sensitive drawing app. Some of its features include:

Pressure sensitivity that works with most Android devices: As more of your finger or capacitive stylus touches the glass, Markers will draw a thicker line. NOTE: It may take a minute or two of continuous drawing for Markers to adjust to your device’s touch panel, so be patient! (If your device has an active stylus, like the Galaxy Note or HTC Flyer, the true stylus pressure will be used instead.)

Multitouch painting: Two fingers make two lines, three make three, and so on, up to the limits of your device (typically 5 simultaneous touches for phones and 10 for tablets).

Mid-friendly interface: Every pen size and color is on-screen; multitouch drawing means accidental touches (such as kid hands on the edges of the display) won’t prevent any little fingers from painting.

Plays well with others: Share your drawings to other apps, and share images into Markers to draw on top of them.

[New in 1.2] Pan and zoom: By far the #1 most requested Markers feature! Tap the hand tool to switch into zoom mode; use one finger to scroll and two to zoom.

[New in 1.2] Adjustable brushes: Longpress a brush and drag to adjust the minimum and maximum widths.

[New in 1.2] Android 4.4 (KitKat) immersive mode: When you tap the Markers icon to hide the palettes, the status and navigation bars hide too; you can use the entire screen to draw. Tap the icon to show everything again.

Questions? Bugs? Ideas? Click “Email Developer” below.

Got a great drawing to share with the world? Share it with +Markers on Google+:

Markers is open source software; the code is available here:

Thanks for all your kind words and support!


Why is my drawing all black when I save it to Gallery? — The drawing is actually on a transparent background, so you’re seeing Gallery’s black background through it. When you load it back into Markers or send it to another app, you’ll see that the drawing is intact. If you’d prefer an opaque background, longpress on a color swatch in the palette to set the paper color.

What’s up with the pressure sensitivity on my device? — See for known issues about individual devices.

Markers user reviews :

It’s a simple concept but maybe too simple for older users. This app is mostly for kids and shouldn’t be used by the more “professional” users who can’t pay for a drawing tablet. This app does have “pressure sensitivity” however, all it’s really doing is sensing how much of your finger is on the screen which is kind of neat. No layer option, no large color palate, bo stability, no redo, no good opacity change, etc. This app however, is really good for a young doodler or someone looking for something super basic. Its also WAY too eazy to save pictures because my 5 year old nephew pressed the button every time he added a line, filling up my storage.

As a Linux and FOSS user, I admit I was very frustrated when all the android drawing apps I found were paid/freemium/withads. I’m so glad I found Markers. It’s a little and loved gem. And it’s also free AND open-source! Very friendly. I feel confortable when drawing. Hope dev revive this project and keep updating it. Thank you

One of the very best and underrated app…The only few things I would like to add is a colour wheel and in-paint colour selection…It’s a perfect app…

its very…… trashy the colors are of you cant get layers and its very hard to controll the sizes of the marker sooooo overall this app is a waste of time.. if you want a GOOD drawing app i suggest ibis paint X or Medibangpaint

Kind of has questionable quality but is good for mapping out quick sketch ideas without crashing my phone.

It is good as it take low space and bad thing is edited image can not be saved. Otherwise it is good

It’s a good game for art love it I recommend to buy it please And good job to the ppl who made this props to them

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