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KoboWith Kobo, reading on your Android Smartphone or Tablet couldn’t be easier.

Download our FREE eBooks app and start browsing millions of free and affordable books from the palm of your hand. Find everything from the hottest new releases to popular classics. With Kobo, reading books on your Android Smartphone or Tablet couldn’t be easier.

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Top reasons to try Kobo:

#1: Make reading more fun and social with Reading Life™.
Earn fun and surprising awards for reading
Track your reading habits with interesting stats
See who’s currently reading the book and share ideas about what you’ve read with the Kobo community with Kobo Pulse™

#2: Share quotes, notes, awards and more to Facebook!
Share your favorite passage and thoughts on a book with your friends
Recommend a book from your library to a friend
Like and comment on books your friends share to Facebook
Easily add Kobo to your Facebook Timeline to instantly share your reading activity with your friends and track your reading life on Facebook.

#3: Add books to your library from e-mail, the web, or your Dropbox account.
Add books in EPUB format to your Android storage, Browser, Mail or Dropbox and select Import Content from the library menu
Unlicensed, DRM-free books only

#4: Transfer books to any device.
Using a Kobo app on your Smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your books and even your bookmarks follow you so you’ll never lose your place
Plus, read books from other platforms as long as they’re in the open standards the Kobo service supports, like ePub and PDF.
Kindle not supported

#5: Browse millions of books in the Kobo Store.
Over 2.2 million new releases and popular best sellers at great prices
Over 1.8 million free books
Buy books on the go and start reading in seconds

#6: Customize your reading experience.
Enjoy crisp, clear text, and choose the size and style of text that you prefer
Highlight your favorite passages and add notes to your books
Try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading
Read and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode
Change pages using your volume key
Adjust the screen brightness

#7: Preview books and try before you buy.
Enjoy free first chapter previews of thousands of select books

#8: Enjoy library synchronization across all your Kobo apps.
Use multiple Kobo eBook apps with a single Kobo account, and let Kobo keep track of your books and bookmarks for you.

Note: Customers for retailers such as Libris Blz. should use this app.


Kobo user reviews:

Should be able to change the margin justification, not just change the text size. New update has increased margin size ( white space around the text) on Galaxy Note resulting is less room for text…put it back the way it was…this makes it hard to read and too much page turning. Previous version, two updates ago, was better.

This is my first review and I really hope the developers of kobo see this. Kobo is my favorite reader app and I’m afraid the latest update has ruined it. I am too used to the page indicators. Please bring back that feature and stop pushing updates for no reason because you end up removing useful stuff.

App works fine and the new changes are nice but the store keeps recommending books already in my library. What I wish it would do is recommend other books by an author I have read, like the latest releases in a series but I have to go dig those up myself while it continues to recommend things I have already bought or have no interest in.

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