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[Game] Match Animal

Match AnimalMatch Animal is a relaxing matching game, where you goal is to eliminate all the animal tiles and clear levels.

This relaxing puzzle game adds a twist to classic mahjong puzzles. Instead of having to match pairs of the same tile, you’ll have to make a group of 3 tiles, with little room to maneuver.

How do you play Match Animal?

The game beings with a board filled with different tiles with animals drawn on them.

Every level, will have 3 tiles with the same animal image. At the bottom of the screen, there is a board to hold the tiles you select. There is space enough for 7 tiles to fit in at a time.

When you tap on a tile in the puzzle, it will move to an empty space in the board at the bottom. When there are 3 tiles of the same image in that area, these tiles disappear, leaving room for more tiles.

Because there is only space to accommodate 7 tiles at a time, you must be careful as to not tap on tiles at random. You should only tap on a tile, if you are sure that you can match 3 tiles with the same animal image. Otherwise, you’ll fill the board with a bunch of random tiles and you won’t be able to add more tiles once the space if filled.

When the board is full with 7 tiles, it is game over. So, focus on tile matching and enjoy the relaxing game.

Match Animal is one of the best and fun to play tile connect, triple match games you can find. With colorful attractive visuals and easy-to-learn gameplay, you are sure to have a relaxing game experience.

Try this match 3 tiles game right away and have a fun experience with one of the best tile games out there!

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Match Animal user reviews :

love matching pix. They are nice and I challenge myself to bring down timing and still get all tiles off board faster than last time. I personally challenge myself.

This game is so enjoyable and nice. The graphic is cute and all. The ads is tolerable too! But, sometimes I cannot find the “x” from the ads, so I have to restart the game again to play.

It’s a fun game to kill some time, but my only problem is that I lose track of time while playing “just a couple levels ” give it a try

This game is fun but the amount of ads is ridiculous! I spend twice as much time waiting for the ads to finish than I do playing the game.

Ok, I’m fed up! I make a match with plenty of squares available for the 3 tiles to go into the be deleted, but I keep getting the game to break in and want 300 points to continue playing. What’s up with that? 3 boxes available to make a match, but first the game cuts in wanting 300 points and then ads. You’re in my top ten lineup for the most breaking in the middle of a current played level with a STUPID ad, I’m deleting this game. People, there are better match 3 tile games!

Tried lots of matching games but this one is by far the best. Like the different ways the tiles are laid out keeps it more interesting.

It’s such a fun brain teaser of a game! I love it. I watch ads instead of paying for points.

Its fun game. it gets hard later but challenges me. Hate commercials but not paying money for a game.

I thought after a few games I would just end up deleting this app (bc they’re all the same, after a few games they get too ridiculously hard to play) but it’s been about a month and I play a game or 2 a day and so far, I’m enjoying this game! BUT! If it does eventually get stupid impossible to play, I’ll give an update and change my rating and review.

So far it’s very enjoyable. Good graphics, not too hard,and the ads are tolerable update..why is it freezing up.i will have to change my rating to 3 if this continues.ive have to Uninstall and reinstall.not time ..delete.enjoyable game if you get this fixed

I love the concept, design is super adorable especially with the animal icons. Not too many ads in my opinion, they are bearable. Levels are pretty easy and I like it, kinda gives me a break.

good game,show ads only when i need to restart or use more tool

It is always glitching when I have my data on. Sometimes it won’t bring up the ad after the 10 minute count down to get the free items. It also won’t bring up the ad for me to do all the coin chests. It glitches and kicks me out when I’m almost done with a level.

I find it challenging even though it’s matching. Very simple yet exciting.

With how many adds this app has, they have the nerve to charge for a number of days add free instead of a just buying an add free app with micro purchases. It is fun, but I will uninstall as soon as I find another game.

Great game, not too many ads. Relaxing and addictive.

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