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Number SumsNumber Sums is a challenging number puzzle to train your mental math. The goal is to make the sum of numbers in each row and column be equal to the clues on the side of the board. Test your math skills and logic with Number Sums!

Each row and column has its own solution, but the goal of this math game with numbers is to make them all work at the same time. You have to circle correct numbers and erase numbers you don’t need. Remember, the sums of numbers in rows and columns should be equal to the numbers on the side of the board. Each level of this numbers game has only one solution, try to find it to solve challenging math puzzles!

Mental arithmetic is an invaluable math skill for your everyday life. Inside Number Sums you’ll find math puzzles of various difficulty. The mechanics of these math riddles sounds simple but requires a lot of thinking. Playing sum number games and solving math problems can improve your arithmetic skills. If you are interested in number puzzles or math games for adults, and in training your addition skills, play this engaging number game for hours of fun!

How to play Number Sums:
Circle the correct numbers that add up to the values on the side of rows and columns.
Use the toggle to switch between circling and erasing modes. It will help you to mark the correct numbers and the extra numbers that you don’t need.
Each level of these math puzzles has only one possible solution, so make sure that rows and columns work together at the same time.
Train your math skills with this free number puzzle with various levels of difficulty. Open different types of board from 3×3 to 10×10.

Tips to hone your skills in this math game:
Erase numbers on the board that are greater than the totals in the boxes.
If there is only one odd number in a column or row, and an even number is the sum in the box outside the board, then remove it.
If the largest number on the board isn’t the same as the total outside the board, then add the smallest number from the board to it. If the sum of numbers is greater than the value in the box, then erase the largest number.

What you get by playing the Number Sums game:
Tons of number puzzle games to challenge your brain.
Enjoy your game experience with the minimalistic and simple design.
Useful hints to help you when you’re stuck.
Math puzzles with no time limits. Take your time to find the one and only solution to these number games.

If you enjoy number games, take a break with Number Sums puzzles. Play Number Sums anywhere, anytime to challenge your math and logic skills!

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Number Sums user reviews :

I used to play a solitaire game daily. They suddenly put ads in the middle of each level and lost hundreds of players within the first week, & didn’t gain most of them back even after reverting to between-level ads. Y’all are about to be in the exact same position if you don’t remove the mid-level ads quickly. Especially, as someone pointed out, for a numbers game where you’re trying to hold on to the mental math you’ve been doing. Edit: it got much worse in the past twelve hours, uninstalling.

  • Hello! Thanks for sharing your concerns about the ads in our game. We understand how disruptive ads can be, especially in a game that requires concentration and mental math. We’re sorry to hear that these ads have led to your decision to uninstall. We’ll consider your feedback as we strive to balance monetization with a positive user experience.

The game was really good, and I don’t mind having ads between the games. Since the latest update, they have decided to put ads within the level, depending on the time taken. This is really frustrating on harder levels where the ad takes your train of thought away. I understand your need to generate revenue, but it should not be to the detriment of the game, which it is with the frequency of ads.

  • Hello Karl, thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our app! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ads. While ads are necessary to support the app’s free availability, we understand that they can be bothersome. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll strive to enhance the ad experience in our future updates.

I understand the importance of ads in f2p apps. I don’t mind having ads in between each level – it’s to be expected. But the sudden shift to ads mid-level is frustrating, as they’re usually unskippable, causing you to lose your train of thought by the time you get back to the puzzle. Could a simple solution be to incorporate an ad banner across the bottom of the screen or something? Best of both worlds? Other than that, it’s a great app with good puzzles. But the mid-level ads are just too much.

  • Hello Sabina! Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. It was never our intention to make you feel this way. We understand your frustration, but we need ads to be able to support and improve the app. Moreover, they are always skippable. If you are unable to skip them 5 seconds after starting, please contact us.

I really liked this game at first – a simple concept that reminds me of Killer Sudoku. There were ads between each level, but that was to be expected. But recently they started interrupting in the middle of games with ads, which causes me to lose my train of thought and lose track of number sums I had just figured out. I just played a game which they interrupted 3 times for ad breaks in one level. It’s too frustrating now. Uninstalling.

  • Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your concerns with us! We apologize if your gaming experience has been ruined. We make every effort to ensure our users’ comfort and happiness. We will use your feedback to evaluate changes and make improvements to our ads policy.

I don’t have an issue with the ads because the actual gameplay is pretty fun and challenging. My issues is that the game keeps shutting itself off after a few minutes and it’s ruining the enjoyment (and impacts my overall rating). Update: The issues have been sorted. Customer service is top notch. Many thanks.

  • Hi, we’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble! Please kindly contact us through the “Help” in the app’s settings so we can investigate and resolve the issue. Thank you!

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