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[Game] Match Ten – Relax Number

Match TenMatch Ten! The classic logic game has come back

This classic puzzle game is the best brain teaser for puzzle lovers also known as Make Ten, Take Ten.This game is perfect for you to exercise your brain in the spare time.With soft music and nice graphic, you will feel relaxing and calming down.

How to play

Cross out the pairs of the same numbers (6-6, 3-3, 8-8) or those which add up to 10 (2-8, 3-7 etc). Two numbers can be removed by tapping on them one by one.
The pairs must be located side by side, and you can cross out them vertically, horizontally and also, if one number stands on the last cell in the line and another stands on the first cell in the following line of the grid. There can also be empty cells between the 2 numbers.
When there are no more numbers to remove, the remaining numbers can be added to the end.
The goal is to cross out all the numbers and empty the board.


Easy to learn and quite addictive
Special boosters like Hints and Undos
Free to play and no wifi needed.
Complete Daily challenges or seasonal events to get unique trophies
Customize your board with beautiful skins

Are you ready for a relaxing way to clear your mind and complete the free Match Ten Game? Take the challenge, and train your brain NOW! This entertaining mind game will bring you hours of fun!

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Match Ten user reviews :

Like the game moves a little slow but what I can’t stand is when I get stuck an in add with black blank screen forcing me to exit game losing everything taking me back to level I originally started with earlier today making me replay the exact same levels with the exact numbers & layout I just completed. My rating is uninstall

enjoyed the fact that the game was winnable,bit not to easy. easy to read grid and monotone blue and white theme helped to read the numbers more easily. not too many ads, also, ads were not that long

The ads are annoying, and sometimes offensive….and lately a three-in-one…it eats up data and in fact, it is just more reason to delete/uninstall. I suggested a reschuffle of numbers option, you sometimes get to a higher level but you clearly have numbers leftover, but the game ends and you have to start at level one again…which is frustrating.

Love the game but way too many long and repeatative ads, if we aren’t interested in your ads for additional games you make the 1st few times around, then it’s extremely unlikely we’ll be any more interested in the same 30 sec to 1min ads over and over to eternity. And you can’t skip any of them either. A futile exercise in annoyance. Probably spend almost as much time waiting on repeatative ads as playing the game, no one has this kind of time to waste. UNINSTALLED

Played a few games, now uninstalling. Better I got, more ads there were and the longer they lasted. Some are impossible to exit. You have to go into Google play, then exit back out after a 1-2 minute ad. Not worth it. Ok wanted a game for destressing, not addding stress.

challenging game, wish history would be stored. i have won it several times, 90 games but no previous totals are saved, beating my own game (90) is the only outside competition you have and without the info you haven’t got that aspect of the game.

  • Hi, Brouhard! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We’re going to take your feedback on board as we continue to improve our service. Please stay tuned for our future updates!

I really enjoy playing this game. The only thing is that you can’t advance to a next level and stay there. Each game you go from 1 then 2 then 3, etc. Ive made it all the way up to no. 13. But then had to start all over at no. 1! When you fail to clear the board you start all over again back to number 1.

5 minutes ago a gave this game 5 stars and commented on how you could actually play a couple games before the ads started then I made the mistake of updating the app and now they have ads before you can even play your first game and start immediately after a game ends…..oh well, it was fun while it lasted…guess you get what you pay for

I was having a blast with this game untill today when I saw the event puzzles I was working on ended without a warning. I have to be honest the events are why I play this game nonstop so I wish they were offered all the time. Even if the event is over without you finishing they should let you play without earning points till you are done. Neverless this game by Microjoy is one of the top number games on the Play Store.

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