Merge Mend – Restore the messed-up houses and expand our village

[Game] Merge Mend – Renovate Town

Merge MendWow, our cozy hometown is all over the place! What happened here?
Let’s roll up our sleeves, rebuild this village, and bring everyone back together!
We’re going to transform our town back into the charming and serene place we love!

The game features:

RENOVATE and restore the messed-up houses and expand our village!
Make friends with the villagers you meet while fixing up our town!

MATCH and MERGE those similar items!
There are hundreds of hidden objects waiting for you.
How many can you find? Have a blast playing and gathering all sorts of cool items!

EXPLORE the secret areas and discover some cool new spots!
We can have loads of fun decorating our new finds together!

ENJOY the adorable, simple graphics and soothing music!
Get comfy and experience healing with some relaxing gameplay in our peaceful little village.

Are you ready to decorate your village? Install now and play anytime and anywhere without any internet connection needed.
Shall we go merge the items now?

We always do regular updates for more merges and attractive chapters to rebuild the village! Please keep an eye on the updates and leave a review!

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Merge Mend user reviews :

Overall I really enjoy this game; as far as merge games go it’s probably been my favorite of the ones I’ve played so far simply because it doesn’t bombard you with forced ads and you can actually progress without buying things constantly. HOWEVER, I have run into an issue where one of the items (the toolbox) is supposed to be generating an item, but it doesn’t. I need this item to advance, but it just won’t spawn. I basically can’t play the game any further now.

i really love the game. it’s so cute and not too overwhelming with multiple items in high levels needed at the same time. the downside is there is no tools to duplicate, or chance to get the item in exchange by watching the ads. i have to wait a long time for it to revive.

Cute graphics, I like it. Simple and fun game.

This is a really great idle game. Not too complicated. Best game to play while relaxing.

Cute game and graphics

You can click the nice house for a long time I’m not

I really did try but I just did not like this one that is only saying that other ppl wont

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