Red Ball Super Run – Become the best runner of all time

[Game] Red Ball Super Run

Red Ball Super RunRed Alert!
The evil square minions are back and they wreak havoc everywhere.

The world calls out for the Red Ball Super Running Heroes!
Run, Roll, Dodge and Dash through an all-new and exciting Red Ball endless running adventure.
Coming from the team behind the original smash hit Red Ball 4.

Chase through the streets with one of 4 playable Red Ball super heroes.
Run and Dodge obstacles to gain speed.
Jump on enemies to defeat them – just like you loved to do in the previous Red Ball games
Explore 4 different locations including City, Harbour, Subway and Factory with more to come!
Activate your special skills to become the best runner of all time
Defeat 4 epic bosses with unique action and shooting mechanics
Feel the rush while you race through the all-new 3D Red Ball game!
Collect stickers and complete your comic album to unlock new costumes for your heroes

Who’s got the balls to save the world again?

Red Ball Super Run user reviews :

Nice game I like it but you need to add rolling effect and please fix lagging problem while game goes faster and make this game more interesting . Make little bit similar like subway surfers type means effect and all that things

It’s very fun I love all the things we can do all the movements and stuff happening I love the stickers and defeat enemies!

Best runner game ever what even makes this more fun to play is the boss fights I really really love the game and it has no problem with the ads like the other review

I love this game I would have given it a 5 star but just about every time I use an ad it goes through the ad then when it’s time to go back to the game it kicks me out if the game. Then I lose whatever perk or gift I would have gotten for the ad. Oddly I like ads and enjoy using them In game. Please fix this and I will give it a 5 star rating.

The feeling of playing your game is indescribable it doesn’t have enough words to say how awesome this game is.

I love this game! all the running and competing in the leaderboard and I love opening prizes! And it even saves our progress when we uninstall it!

I like this game but i would like for you to make new levels in red ball 4 please i would like you to make new levels

I love your game red ball super run is a good game please add more updates and maps

Hello I have 2 suggestions and 1 question 1st of all can you make having to arrive at the boss shorter I had to die 2 or 3 times before arriving at the boss. 2nd can you make the boss have 5 hearts instead of 3 it’s too easy at 3. Lastly the question I saw that you are the same company that made red ball 4 so is this game a sequel or a prequel?

  • Hi, thanks a lot for your review and for your suggestions, they’ll be forwarded to the team. Yes, Red Ball Super Run ist made by the same team as Red Ball 4 and the first new official Red Ball game since then. We’re also working on new content updates for both Red Ball 4 and Red Ball Super Run, so please stay tuned!

It’s not to bad but it’s a rip-off of subway surfers it’s almost the same thing but in red ball editon but anything else is totally amazing and fine!

  • Thank you very much for your review and sharing your concerns. Red Ball Super Run is a 3D Runner, like Subway Surfers or many others. However, Red Ball Super Run has a lot of different mechanics. Did you already discover the bosses and the comics for example? We’ll keep working and improving the game as we feel it deserves a 5 star rating

It’s like subway surferes with different grafics.

This game looks awesome I love playing the Red ball games and hopefully you guys can make a sequel to Red ball 4 called Red ball 5 that would be awesome!

Good and wacky runner! Although looking forward for new features

  • Glad you enjoy the game! We’re already working on new content and features with new heroes, locations, comics and more! Stay tuned!

This is really fun not that many ads a good spin on the original red ball 4

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

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