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MedabotsWelcome to Medabots Fighting Adventure!

Download this RPG card game and enter in the Medabots universe, where exciting RPG turn-based Card Battles of Robots will be waiting for you! Acquire robot parts and make your own card deck with the best abilities and powers to beat your enemies in the exciting robot battles!

In the Medabots universe, these robots were usually used as babysitters but some people started to recycle and restore some parts of them to make fighting robots that were used in industrial zones to organize exciting battles.

Now, you are part of the Medabots Universe and your work is to fight in turn-based battles with your cards, using them to combine superpowers and abilities that will be helpful to overcome any of the enemies that you will encounter during this rpg card adventure. Become the arena master in amazing pvp card battles with your battle deck and earn new robot parts to improve your Medabots card deck!

Create unique rpg strategies for each card battle and adapt your robots to each fight, combining the cards in different ways. We know that all RPG card battle games are complex and difficult to understand but the Medabots adventure is different and we can ensure you endless fun with the exciting pvp robot fights!

Medabots RPG card battle game has different modes like the adventure mode, the multiplayer or the league mode, where you will be able to participate in online card battles against players from any part of the world! You will start in the adventure mode, a mode where you will learn how to fight in the rpg card battles and also how to build your own team of robots to participate in the 3v3 turn-based fights a bit later.

This is not a simple rpg card battle game, we are offering to all our players a mix of a rpg card game with a robot fighting game. Such an epic combination of mechanics can only bring one secure thing: Endless fun with your friends while you fight with your robots! So don’t waste your time and download Medabots right now for free!

All these features are included in this exciting robot adventure:

Role-playing Card Battles with 1,2 or 3 robots in the same combat!
3 types of battle cards for your rpg battle deck: Attack, Defense or Power! Create combinations with these card types and dominate the arena with your rpg strategy!
3 Robot families with interchangeable parts: Mix these parts and create unique robots to fight in the exciting card fights!

Earn basic robot parts in the Adventure mode, beating all the AI opponents and then create your own card deck for the online pvp card combats that you can find in the multiplayer or the arena mode. In case you lose some robot fights, you can also train your skills and edit your card battle deck in the training mode

And the best part of this RPG card game is… all content is F2P!

You can earn robot fragments in the free to play modes. Then, you will use these fragments to play in the Real Deal, where you will have to pay with these robot fragments if you want to participate in the combats. If your card deck is good enough, you will beat your opponents and will earn key-codes, which can be exchanged for robot parts or even cards in the Tech Station, a key place to improve your battle card deck for your rpg fights!

Moreover, you can also play pvp fights against your friends in the Duel mode, where you don’t need any fragment or key-codes to play. Challenge your best friends, face them in the exciting card battles and show them why you are the best rpg card player!

Download MEDABOTS and dive into this exciting role-playing (rpg) strategy card game with robot fighting and pvp arena card battles as you build the best robot team!

Medabots user reviews :

The game had potential, but it died before it even gets a chance to shine. My 2 first Ranking match attempts, (after i finished the 30 battles “Story” mode at normal difficulty) matched me with the game’s top 3 player (He: 1300+ points. Me: 100 points) two times in a row…. which i guess was the only player available at the moment to play ranking. I didn’t experience any bugs or crashes at all. The game died fast because the developers focused on visuals instead of the actual gameplay.

I was initially very excited about the game, I even spent money for loot boxes to try and obtain the parts I believed would work well. For almost 4 months I played every day for hours. But after recent disheartening updates changing too much about the actual game play, I feel cheated after having spent money to acquire certain parts for certain builds that are no longer viable because the developers have changed mechanics of the game. I do not know if I will keep playing if this continues.

  • Magna Chaos, thanks for your comment. We are working hard to make improvements and fix potential bugs in future updates. Please do not hesitate to contact us at developers[at] if the problem persists. We hope you continue enjoying the game.

Not bad, but needs more substance to keep players. Adventure mode is too short and aside PvP, there’s nothing else to do. It’s a little boring. The music is great, sound effects are pretty good too. I’d like to keep playing, but without other game modes to play through, this game may lose players quickly.

  • Earl Stanley, thanks for you review. We’re working on a new and better single player mode, also quests and improving the multiplayer experience. Hope this new updates make you enjoy the game more than ever.

So far only on battle 5 or 6. Even so my problems with the game keep happening. 1st whenever i try to set my graphics to high it defaults to low within 5mins which is annyoing. Let me set the graphics to what i want without auto adjusting. 2nd the metabots special moves come with no extra sound effects which seem so werid when playing. If these issues are fixed. 4/5

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