Blood of Titans – Defend and develop your lands

[Game] Blood of Titans – Card Battles

Blood of TitansA fantasy CCG game.

Do you have the courage and determination to challenge the Blood of Titans world? Collect and develop a unique deck of magic cards, fight battles to defend and develop your lands, send the best warriors to the battlefield. Become the master of 5 elements, and even dragons will obey you!

The Blood of Titans world features:

⚔ 300+ cards with unique abilities
Collect the strongest deck and find your way to victory!

⚔ Nonlinear fantasy plot
2000+ text quests, unexpected opponents, PVE battles and boss fights — solve all the puzzles of the magic world!

⚔ Fight other players
Develop your game strategy to win PVP battles. Attack enemy cities, participate in tournaments of mages and join faction wars!

⚔ Clan Wars
Join a clan: chat with other members, exchange your experience, share resources with your brothers in arms and develop the clan castle. Make your contribution to the victory in Clan Wars!

⚔ New activities every day
Raids and Catacombs, holiday quests and blitz tournaments, trials and battle passes — choose your game mode or take part in all of them. It’s up to you to decide!

Become a member of a new captivating CCG, fight and become the winner!

Blood of Titans user reviews :

Surprisingly good! The combat system, the card and their powers, various tournaments and wars to take part! I was skeptical at first but no, by far it’s a really good game. Worth trying! The game is really balanced and also quite rewarding and challenging at the same time

Originally rated this game better but after a while it became clear that you must spend. Drop rates are poor and resources come slowly. You run out of card space quickly and the only way to get more is to spend gems for only 5 more slots. gems are super hard to come by without spending. build times are longer than they should be. also prepare to lose all your shards to high level players.

So far so good. Only real issue is lack of starting storage for your cards. Other than that good game with decent graphics and setup.

The game itself is fun, but needs some quality of life features, desperately. It needs auto battle, collect all resources button, a menu where you can find all buildings listed, not searching on the goddamn 3d map. Just a few ones I got in mind, but probably some more.

Those games that give suggestions to rate as soon as u start progressing the game will always get a 1 star from me its too early to see what the games about to let alone rate n your spamming us with rate suggestions thats when u know the games been half assed

I like the game. It is fun. Kinda easy even for a new player to learn how to play. There is some story it tells along with card battles. The game is a bit addictive. Battles are short but that is what makes it good.

Awesome card game easy to learn awesome hero cards..all around fun simple and very satisfying…

Epic game play and interesting playable characters its fun and worth playing I would recommend this mobile game to friends

There should be better boxes you can open with the gems. Only having 2 boxes that cost 750 gems to open that give you a very few variety of cards isn’t worth paying money for the gems. The boxes definitely need better variety, maybe have boxes you can use gems to open for epic cards only or something; at least make buying gems worth it.

Downloaded the game as I was bored and turned out to be better than I thought, simple game play, good story and quite a bit in game to keep you playing.

Easy game to get into. First time played for hours before I had to get ready for the day. Good game.

The game is okay. While there are many cards, there are only few ways to customise them and “card mechanics” are mediocre. After a few days, there are no feasible ways to earn ingame currency (gems) since the rewards are bad. You need 1000s of gems, but once all “easy ways” are gone, it takes days to just get 100 gems! A lot of features are also linked to real life time (energy system, very slow upgrade times) which is another aspect to criticise. Overall, it’s a polished but very grindy game.

I like the concept I just think it’s a little slow, upgrading a building to level 4 shouldn’t take 4 hours and I also think you should start with 2 builders, well in this case it would be servants. I like the graphics but I do wish there was more detail added to buildings.

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