Pyramid Solitaire – Daily challenges with different levels

[Game] Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire  Pyramid Solitaire is a newly designed mobile card game based on the most popular and classic Pyramid solitaire gameplay.

Together with the BEAUTIFUL themes and EXCITING Daily Challenges, you will experience the BEST Pyramid solitaire card game on your mobile phones or tablets!

Tons of new features were added; Try to DOWNLOAD and get it for FREE now!


BEST Pyramid solitaire: based on the classic solitaire gameplay
Most Challenging: it makes you think
Beautiful Themes: you can fully customize the game
Available Anytime: you can easily play on your device


Daily challenges with different levels
Customize beautiful themes on your own
Multiple languages supported
Auto-save game in play
Feature to Undo moves
Feature to use Hints
Big and easy to see cards
Single tap or drag & drop to move cards
Landscape mode supported
Up to 10 top records
Offline play and no data cost
Timer mode supported
Left-handed supported

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Pyramid Solitaire user reviews :

When I finally unwind late at night and begin playing puzzles, I begin with Pryamid Solitaire. You can play one game, or you can play a series of three in a row if you set it up prior to beginning. I always choose the latter for more of a challenge. From the first time I played this game some years ago until now I’ve never tired of this game.

When all I want to do is play . . . this game perfectly suits that purpose. No trying to reward you with bogus coin or card or other irrelevant data, no achievement status of levels, no attempt to force me to identify gender status or age or any personal info, I just get to play for as long as I want. Nice variety of soothing background choices, deck styles, smooth screen action, no complaints at all. Thank you!

Uninstalling because some games are impossible to win. I wasn’t 100% sure til just a minute ago, but sometimes the hands aren’t possible to win. This particular hand, the number of 3s and 10s in the pyramid weren’t matching up with what should have been available in the draw pile. I thought it was happening before, but thought maybe I just had list track. This hand tonight confirmed it. I know it’s just a game, but still–it kinds cheating on the developer’s part.

  • Hello, Janet. Would you mind telling us this issue appeared on which level? We need a screenshot of this problem. We will continuously improve the gaming experience. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support. Thanks a lot!

I love pyramid solitaire. And this version is fun. The daily challenges as well as just playing it keeps me entertained. It’s not real hard but at times you do have to stratagizeto make sure you’re able to clear the board. Sometimes you have to try again. Not everytime you play will you win necessarily. It’s a good way to pass time and unwind at the end of the day.

Great game! I really like this game. You clear the table by selecting the two cards that add up to 13. Drawing on more cards when needed. And it even lets you select the cards in the draw pack after the table has been cleared of all the cards. I like that. The graphics are cute and very vibrant. And it allows you to turn off the timer and the sound which I like.

fun. but my issue with it no volume control. sound is either on and very loud or off. ads are also very loud and cannot be sound off. this limits where I can play. cannot take to drs office or waiting rooms because of sound. I also have uninstalled because of long ads that cannot be turned off. when ads run long, I just turn off the game. wont listen. I have since uninstalled this for the second time. it keeps coming up as if I have a game/message. (the red dot with number) this drives me crazy

  • Sorry to make this inconvenient. Actually, the sound of ads is not controlled by our game, maybe you can mute your device by turn off the sound in your iOS/Android system settings when you play the game. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support. Thanks a lot.

Game is pretty good, but the ads play too loud, too long, and too often. I know within 2 seconds that I don’t want to download another game, give me an option to, “X”, out of the ad. Game isn’t special enough to buy it, so give our eyes, and ears a break from the ads.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Jim. We will continuously improve the ads experience. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support. Thanks a lot!

This game could use some improvement. When you select “winning deal” not all the deals actually are winners. In some of the deals, you’ll have cards trapped behind the corresponding partner without enough free or able to be freed. Also, would be great if you could change the number of cards your draw at a time. Other versions have 1 and 3 card draws. This one only has 1.

Smooth controls & card action, flawless background/theme choices. Love customizing the several choices of card faces, effects, etc.! In Solitaire Fun’s Sol.Collection, ad across bottom of screen covered bottom half of cards in klondike, was maddening=uninstalled. Loved the devs setup so I tried another of their app. This one’s so cool. Saw same kind of ad across bottom, but it doesn’t get in way or cover cards. Love the daily challeges. Pretty nice game, ‘lil bit addictive. Not that many ads, not constantly, makes this app more peaceful

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