Shadow Gun – Hunts down shadow monsters

[Game] Shadow Gun – Epic Shooting War

Shadow GunLooking for a fun shooting game?

Try Shadow Gun! It’s an unique 2D pixel game with cool graphics and catchy sounds.

You play as a soldier who hunts down shadow monsters on the screen. You can use different kinds of guns, like pistols and shotguns, to defeat them. After each level, you can choose various upgrades to make your soldier stronger.

Controlling the game is easy – use the arrow keys to move and tap the screen to shoot. But watch out, the shadow monsters get harder to beat as you play!

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Shadow Gun user reviews :

Cute arcade game. There are optional ads for power ups but they aren’t overwhelming. The graphics and concept is cool. The chance to get a decent hero with watching an ad balances the fairness of the gameplay when you aren’t able to pay. Overall good little game. Can’t wait to see what updates they do.

Game’s got a couple of issues so I’ll list them off: 1. Sometimes the boss exit gate is open once you start the fight so you can just skip the boss entirely 2. The shoot backwards skill is completely useless, i have yet to find a situation where it’s useful 3. Game uses ost from hades as the soundtrack 4. Game doesnt have the option for locked or stationary joystick 5. Enemy attacks register multiple times causes the player to take many hits instead of a single one 6. Some boss names get cut off

It’s an okay side scrolling auto-shooter. Rouge-like elements. It just rubbed me the wrong way when I realized they stole the chest opening audio from Vampire Survivors. Not the worst offense, but still made me want to Uninstall the game.

Game is great fun until you get to stage 4 and thats were the fun stops as the difficulty spike is atrocious and took away the best thing about the game im deleting it because of it if they sort it out then by all means I will definitely get it again but it is not worth it as it stands

I like the game but I absolutely hate the “try this” that won’t disappear until you watch an ad. In ever case it’s been worse that what I am using and i just die right away.

I played this game for a few hours today and had fun. The controls are easy to use, making it enjoyable to run around and kill stuff. The fundamental gameplay was great. There are no forced ads, but there are A LOT of microtransactions and optional video-based ads scattered throughout. There are also a lot of currencies and resource merging/mining, which draw away from the fun of the game for me. I want to shoot things and watch them blow up, not deal with a zillion currencies. Overall, fun!

probably the best first impressions the game gave me the difficulty acceleration is phenomenal first 4 waves I was bored the rest were bullet hell this compares to the likes of terraria bosses good job developers I hope yall have the best journey into making this game better

Fun game plays well nice power ups. Ads are there but options for rewards which is cool.

i really love it the graphics are great and i love the theme keep updating it

Need to fix some text for items other than that really fun game

It’s a nice game with good graphics, in my opinion a very good game

Excellent game. Devs should keep this game up to date, so that many players will invest into this game and make this a successful one.

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