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[Game] Merge Bloom – Flower Town

Merge BloomMerge Bloom – Unleash Your Creativity in this Captivating Casual Merge-2 Game! Get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of merging and experience hours of addictive gameplay.

Relax and Enjoy Casual Gaming at Its Finest!
Merge Bloom offers a casual gaming experience that will help you unwind and rejuvenate. With its soothing sound effects and captivating visuals, it’s the perfect game to relax and escape from the demands of everyday life. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance as you merge and create in this enchanting casual game.

Discover the Magic of Merging in Merge Bloom!

Coming back from busy city to your hometown, are you ready to experience the fun and casual gameplay of rebuilding a flower town in merge games? Welcome to Merge Bloom, the captivating merge-2 game where you can indulge in the joy of rebuilding a beautiful flower town!Merge your unique flower town with innovative elements in this merge game that will keep you entertained for a long time!

Engage in Relaxing Quests and Challenges!
Merge Bloom is a relaxing merge-2 game where you can merge mansion and garden and more! Merge little items to bigger and more useful things. Build and decorate your very own flower town and experience the satisfaction of Merge 2 with Merge Bloom! Just enjoy the simple and addictive merge 2 gameplay, which provides the perfect antidote to boredom and stress.

Merge Bloom, Where Dreams Blossom!
With relaxing asmr sound effects, just enjoy the easy-to-learn gameplay that provides the satisfaction of merge games and helps you get rid of stress and boredom. This merge game is perfect for those looking for an indie art style! Decor life, home design, redecor your garden, all in travel town!

Personalize Your Paradise!
Merge Bloom’s soothing art style and cute effects will also draw you. Do the home design in decorating games, merge mansion and garden little by little, try to explore the charm of this flower town!

Merge Bloom’s Features
Easy to pick up, addictive merge-2 merge games gameplay
Pleasing art style and cute anime effects for home design
Get special furniture to decor life and redecor home
Rich gameplay and endless fun in decorating games
Cute and relaxing ASMR sounds

With a wealth of game facilities, various plot stories, and diverse activities for decorating games, Merge Bloom offers endless fun and entertainment. Every day in the town brings new experiences with flower games, so you’ll never get bored! Merge your unique town, enjoy diverse activities, and decor life and garden! Every day in the town brings new experiences and excitement for you to discover.

If you’re looking for merge games, Merge Bloom is the game for you! MERGE MANSION x HOUSE DESIGN x FLOWER GAMES= MERGE BLOOM: FLOWER TOWN! Start merge mansion and decorate your dream garden!

Merge Bloom user reviews :

The game is very cute and I like it, don’t get me wrong, but the name plates are wrong and sometimes the translation isn’t fully correct but that’s fine. Though today (Aug. 18) every time I try to start the game, it glitches and I just see a flashy and rapid back and forth of the game and main menu. On top of that, it’s hard to get vitality and when you have to merge stuff for points just to continue, especially on only 100 vitality, it runs out fast. (Edit: The update fixed the glitch! Thanks!)

  • Thanks for your feedback! We fixed the glitch in our latest update.If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to give us feedback. Enjoy playing!

Firstly, like many reviews had said, there are a lot of translation errors. There are events that have instructions, but I can’t read it because most of the sentence is cut off, leading to wasted time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do. Secondly, there’s the vitality that runs out too quickly and recovers too slowly (1 single vitality every 2 min.) Thirdly, the exclamation mark next to the icons are not always telling you that you have something new, it just appears randomly.

  • Hello Kitcat, thank you for your feedback! To help us address the translation errors and icon exclamation issues more effectively, we kindly request that you reach out to us via email and provide screenshots. Your support in this matter will be invaluable in resolving these problems. Thank you once again for your valuable input!

This game is more generous than others of the same genre. The energy regenerates faster, you can quickly unlock the whole board the first day of playing, storage space is cheaper than other games, and you can tap the generators more times before they need to cool. Ads are optional but unfortunately I have not been able to watch an ad yet because the ads are not functioning.

  • Thank you for your positive feedback and your recognition! We apologize for any issues with our ads. We have logged this for investigation and hope to improve the situation in future update.

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