Oil Era – Becoming a world-renowned oil tycoon

[Game] Oil Era – Idle Mining Tycoon

Oil EraHave you ever dreamed of mining oil, building your own petroleum empire, earning billions of dollars, and becoming a world-renowned oil tycoon?

Oil Era provides you with the opportunity to realize your dream! In this oil miner business simulation game, you can bid to exploit the oil, sell oil and gas, build your own oil refinery and chemical plant, and embark on the road to become an Oil Tycoon!

Your business starts with your bidding.
Acquire an unremarkable-looking piece of land, let your own managed prospectors find oil locations, and dig! Lay the pipes! Shipping like crazy! Sell ​the oil to the factory with the highest bid! Then sit back and wait for the money to enter your pocket!

That’s not all! After obtaining the first batch of oil and the first pot of gold, you can upgrade your technology and means of oil extraction, hire more advanced prospectors, use hard drill bits that can destroy rocks, and even use explosives! After earning more money, build your oil refinery to make more valuable oil products and sell them at higher prices!

How to Play
Upgrade Strategies, Managing Oilfields
Bid for land development rights, use prospectors to discover oil. Build efficient oil wells and pipelines to bring oil to the surface. Purchase trucks and storage barrels to transport and store oil. Sell ​​oil at a higher price and make a profit!

Upgrade Oil Production Equipment and Technology
You can use your earnings to continually upgrade your tools and techniques to improve your oil drilling operations. In a limited time, get more oil, earn more money, and expand your scale!

Develop Your Town and Build Your Empire
With the development of petroleum industry, your city will become more and more prosperous! From a wasteland to an oil empire

In this game, we have prepared a land with a lot of oil for you! Whether you can quickly defeat competitors and reach the top depends entirely on you and your business strategy! Why don’t you come and have a try?

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Oil Era user reviews :

Blatant ripoff of Turmoil, which was a cool game, so no issues with the primary gameplay loop. Some acknowledgement for the original developers would be cool For the love of God, hire somebody who can speak fluent english to do your translations though, the english translations really need some work. Add progress reset please! The Eastern artstyle is much cooler, good choice to add the art style option! Otherwise great game, worth paying for, will have lots of fun playing.

Great game! No intrusive ads, fairly original, I think, and fun to play. Not 5 stars because… THE ADS BREAK THE WHOLE GAME!!! You watch an ad at any time during a dig? Goodbye, entire plot of land, and all the progress you had! Not only resets your dig, it changes your dig site, too! Your 11 oil patches? How about 4? That’s how many you have now. Please, for the love of the black gold, fix this.

quite a bit of ads. gameplay is ok. ads seem to have broken with latest update. start ad. screen goes black. have to restart entire map again after force quitting. again many ads and if you’re almost done with a map and it freezes you start over and get random weather conditions. and no way some is paying 100$ for no ads which would likely still have ads. give more scanners, less thunderstorm levels, and more ways to each minerals.

I’m just saying mobile gaming friends, there’s an app called firewall that will completely cut the internet from selected apps. Wich I highly recommend for this app considering the reviews and the bugs. And so I started the game and the loading screen bugged badly causing me to restart the game, on top of that I do agree that the narrator lady’s voice is progressivly annoying, and sounds like every computer text to speech read outloud voice it gets to the point I’d just turn her off.

  • Thank you for your review, can you give us a 5-star positive feedback to support it?

Fun to play, lots of detail with only a couple problems…if you watch an ad to get better property, the weather doesn’t change like it should. Bad weather follows you. Also choosing land is annoying. Otherwise great game play.

Its a fun game with not really a lot of need to buy stuff. Ads arent overwhelming. The ONLY reason i cannot give 5 stars is there is a big issue. It seems after you get to a certain point- your carts get stuck ay the oil rigs and wont move. Sometimes if you click them they will go. Most times they will not. And thats a big issue. But other than that- great game.

  • Thanks for your feedback,we will solve this problem as soon as possible, and your 5-star review will make us more motivated!

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