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[Game] Merge Cats – Magic merging, garden renovation games

Merge Cats  Merge cats is a relaxing match 3 cat puzzle with a multitude of fluffy felines, ice cream and magic! Fuse kittens to create new breeds since they’ll help you gather valuable bonuses and solve mind boggling puzzles alongside you!

Help the kritters build houses! Merging a row of three broken cat houses will speed up the construction works. Discover new areas of the feline world, renovate cat castles, heal the lands, collect flowers and trees to get new plant varieties and create a cat garden of your dreams! (Idea^^ Discover new areas of the feline Christmas game, renovate cat castles with Xmas decorations and candles, heal the lands, collect lollipops and stars to get Christmas goodies and create a holiday cat garden of your dreams)

Merge festive game items and develop the island – help your fluffy friends restore their world’s former beauty on Christmas holidays !

Take good care of your pets! Dress up the meow friends in cute attires, entertain them with jolly New Year games, solve puzzles together with the kittens, grant them your attention and make them feel like a family – and they will repay with love and purrfect songs. Yet don’t forget to train them so that fluffballs grow into cat warriors and faithful allies.

Merge cats the cat game will suit anyone who’s been wishing for a pet, but cannot get one due to an allergy or a lack of time. It will teach responsibility regarding our animal friends!

The game features:

Puzzles and secret-hunting via an entertaining match 3 game!
Nurturing your best friends to make sure they are healthy, clean, well dressed, and happy!
An opportunity to grant the orphaned kittens a feeling of family, being given inspiration and a flow of creative energy in return!
Captivating battles against other players! Challenge them, use boosters, and don’t forget about extra lives!
Thousands of unique items to fuse!
A collection of 100+ cat breeds, among which you’ll surely find a favorite, or maybe even a few!
Cozy locations and themed events 2-3 times a month!
Amazing monthly seasons!
Building and upgrading houses as well as healing lands! Design your own stylish dwelling!
Creating a cutie garden of plants and trees! Build a cat paradise island of your dreams!


Try to create more complex combos to gather maximum bonuses!
Be careful and plan your every action, since the most obvious step isn’t always the right one!
Be wise about the ingame currency! Sometimes it’s better to save it. Who knows what you may need it for?
Pick a specific design style or create something crazy — let your imagination roam freely!
Let kittens help you decorate your place. Pick furniture, wallpapers, floor, ceiling, trees, and plants as a team — it’ll make you best friends and help the pets fulfil themselves! Build a cat condo together!

Huge eyes, tiny ears and a wet nose with the cutest Santa hats! Download the Christmas kitten game and keep the tail up 24/7!

Merge Cats user reviews :

I love the cute art style and I love that they aren’t greedy like some other games (cough cough merge dragons) but some of the cat designs and namings are a little… Interesting… And kind of play off of stereotypes with cultures and that I don’t like so much, but overall this game is really fun! Edit: I just lost all my progress???

  • Hello, thanks for the feedback! We are glad to read that you liked our game If you really lost all your progress, please write to us in game support and attach your save. We will do everything to help you restore it.
Cute game! I gave it 3* because the game could be more developed. Abit choppy, needs to be smoother. Lots of options to spend $$ if you want. There’s no proper game exit & no Cloud save. Update: The recent update didn’t fix anything like having a proper exit when leaving the game, no Cloud save still, and merging things from one area to another is frustrating and tedious! You have to move that object a little at a time because the screen doesn’t move to where you want to go. :(
  • Other Kind Games Limited
  • Hi, thanks for the review! We’d love to help. Please tell us more about things you didn’t like in the game. This way we’ll understand what can be changed and improved. Email us at: help[at]
Good but needs fixed, recently can’t watch any videos it just freezes and force closes, getting kicked off the game quite a lot having reload constantly, hopefully gets fixed I don’t want to have to Uninstall it, recent update has fixed nothing really buggy force closing more than it was, security asking if I want to Uninstall as to many errors being recorded with game force closing constantly
  • Other Kind Games Limited
  • Hello. Thank you for writing us about your problem. Please tell us more about how you ran into this bug. You can contact us by email: mergecats-support[at]
This is truly one of the best merge games out there, and what makes it even more awesome is that it’s cats! I mean come on, two of the greatest things ever in one game! The gameplay and music are fantastic, lots of events always going on, and the developers are very communicative and supportive. Join their discord server to get daily bonuses and contests. One thing I would suggest is to make it easier to get gemstones, either by watching ads or something like that.
  • Other Kind Games Limited
  • Glad you enjoy both our app and socials That only the beginning

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