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[Game] Merge Cooking – Theme Restaurant

Merge CookingDo you know you can enjoy the food around the world without traveling?

Do you know you can master the secret of cooking with just a few simple steps?

Tie your apron and put your chef hat on!
In Merge Cooking, you can cook anything!

Welcome, Chef!
Your assistant Lea is waiting for you to start the adventure of opening restaurants and serving customers around the world. Merge Cooking not only allows you to cook as a star chef and master the world cuisine but also helps you realize your designer dream and renovate Michelin star restaurants!

Start a food tour!
ENJOY Eggs Benedict in New York, DRINK Tom Yam Gong in Bangkok, ROLL Sushi in Tokyo, DINE on Escargot in Paris… Merge Cooking takes you on a world tour, city by city! You will unlock a world-famous dish every day and discover more exciting and challenging recipes to hone your cooking skills.
Various local cuisines – Taco, Kebab, Ramen and more.
Numerous restaurant themes – fast food, BBQ, seafood and more.

Play with ingredients!
MERGE ingredients with the simple steps – tap, drag & merge! Quality delicacy requires nothing but basic ingredients!
COOK with the help of machines – seven pieces of equipment that bring you extra fun! Simulate real-life cooking and prepare the food in a fun way! Frying pan, juice blender, oven and cocktail shaker… everything you need to prepare a decent meal will be on standby. Say goodbye to overcooked pies and charred steaks!

Eat outside the box!
Mozzarella, pecan, coconut, lobster, champagne… Find everything you need to become a world-famous chef. Merge them to serve hungry customers! Discover more as you play! Unlock special souvenirs as you travel. How about sending a postcard from Hollywood?

Every flavor tells a story!
Nothing makes people more connected than good food. Get familiar with the American restaurant owner who’s also a football coach and the French restaurant manager who’s elegant but picky. Greet customers from all walks of life. Learn their stories and write more of your own!

In Merge Cooking you’ll:
MERGE fruits, vegetables, cheese and UNCOVER other numerous ingredients.
COOK exotic and fantastic dishes and TRAVEL to different countries.
SIMULATE real-life cooking with different cooking equipment.
RENOVATE restaurants with fresh new designs.
UPGRADE culinary skills and MASTER global recipes.
RELAX by enjoying great delicacy. No time pressure!
CLAIM amazing rewards and gifts.
ENGAGE yourself and ENJOY extra fun!

Merge Cooking, cook anything!

Have questions or need support?
Contact us via email at support[at]

Merge Cooking user reviews :

I’m currently at level 27 so I’ve been playing for a while now. Great game, ads only when you want to watch them. 4 stars because I have also experienced items disappearing from the board which can be frustrating. I enjoy the new limited time games but it would be a lot better if the main board and side board had separate energy. I don’t like having to choose between progressing the main game, or only playing the side game. Give me both!

  • Thanks for your information, your feedback will be reported to our product team, and we will try to improve the gaming experience later. Thanks for your kind support.

It’s a pretty good game so far. The main thing that stopped me from giving a higher score is that it kept flashing back. I would have place stuff in the oven or the mixing bowl and started the process. But when I come back hours later it would still just have the raw ingredients. Very frustrating. I looked up FAQ, make sure my version is up to date still no help.

  • We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you reboot your device and try to open it again? It will be better to deal with the problem if you send us detailed explanations and screenshots through our official in-game message. Thanks for your support and cooperation.

The game is pretty fun, I like it and how it’s paced, however I hate how many events there are. The minute one is done there is another one to take it’s place. It takes up board space and repetitive. There are no new events, always the tulips, or the carnival. Highly thinking about deleting it if the events continue, it’s so annoying.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will continuously improve the gaming experience in later versions. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support.

A very relaxing game. It reduces all the stress and tension from the mind. All the features in the app are exciting and smooth to use. On the whole it is a benchmark. But there’s one major difficulty – ads. They often do not work and shows “No ads available” which disturbs the piece of mind. If this problem is corrected, then it is the best.

  • Thanks for your support. If you reach the limited time for rewards ads to speed up generators or get energy, the option will be disappeared. And the limited time for different level players is different. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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