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[Game] Merge Master – Dream Creative

Merge MasterMerge Master: Dream Creative is a captivating leisure game that blends exquisite aesthetics with imaginative gameplay.

Join Catherine and her lively companions as they transform a derelict dwelling into a bespoke villa from scratch!

Catherine, invited back to her childhood home by her aunt, discovers a once-loved house now in ruins, littered with debris, waste, and rolling tumbleweeds. Is it possible to turn this junk into jewels, to rejuvenate this worn-down house into a chic modern villa? Catherine is ready to put her renovation skills to the ultimate test!
Just swipe your way across the screen to merge items, recycling the old and unlocking hundreds of new, innovative buildings. Design a unique villa, make lasting friendships, and fulfill your house design dreams in Merge Master!

Easy to Start – Just swipe the screen to merge any objects! Use them to build the trendiest villa on a super-large map!
Innovative & Environmental – In this derelict dwelling, everything can be recycled and reused! Come and build a new-age, eco-friendly villa in the new era!
Novel & Massive – Discover over 320 thrilling items ranging from chic sports cars to private cinemas, from humble seeds to thriving orchards, and anticipate even more surprises through merging!
Managing & Building – After unlocking different buildings, earn rich rewards by collecting materials and fulfilling orders. Run your own business, make it a cutting-edge villa!
Events & Friends – Engage in thrilling random events and accomplish a broad range of tasks alongside Catherine!
Exquisite & Casual – Boasting a delicate artistic style and soothing music, Merge Master provides the perfect escape, allowing you to unwind at your own pace.

Merge Master user reviews :

The game is fun and the graphics are nice. However the game crashes often which can affect the gaming experience

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback, we’ll forward this to the dev team.

The game will not download. I have tried reinstalling it but it’s stuck please help

  • Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. Would you kindly give us more information for deeper look? It’d be great if you contact us through[at], screen recording/screen shots will be very helpful!

Hope you can make the stuff to go to their own group automaticly.. It’s a bit of a hassle to move them every time..

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback and we’ll forward this to the dev team!

Can’t even get past merging the oranges it goes to complete and freezes plse fix love these games

  • Hi, oranges are collected by clicking directly. The materials that are then used to make the order.

I’ve deleted it and redownload it again now it’s working nicely thank u for your time it is a nice game little different from normal merge game I really like it

  • Thanks so much for the upudate! Glad you’re enjoying the game!

I love this game.. but I’m done next mansion please

  • Hello, sorry for the trouble. Would you kindly give us some screen recordings for a deeper look? It’d be great if you contact us through merge-support[at] for it, thank you!

Add notifications, daily bonus calendar and pets and a story

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback, we’ll forward your thoughts to the dev team.

It could be a cute game. It froze on me four times had to close out and restart. Except for the last time it froze it just stayed froze.

  • Hi, sorry for the trouble. We’ve noticed the loading could take a bit longer since we implemented more contents to the game. But feel free to reach us through merge-support[at] if it continues to happen. Screen recording/screen shots with your in game id will be very helpful!

It’s not a offline game even though it says that it is it isn’t the game looks like it is a okay game but it is a online game so Uninstalling

  • Hi, thank you very much for your comment. Any comments or ideas about the game are welcome, please feel free to contact us at merge-support[at] Also, screen recording/screenshots can be very helpful if you need to troubleshoot any issues with the game.

I accidentally pressed stop 1 of the props box. how to get it back to its original state

  • Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. Would you kindly give us more information for deeper look? It’d be great if you contact us through[at], screen recording/screen shots will be very helpful!

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