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Puzzle WizardsPuzzle Wizards :

Become a Puzzle Wizard!

Ply your magic by playing three, easy to learn and challenging to master, Puzzles: Harvesting, Mixing and Battle. Set forth from your Village into the magical Wildwoods on Adventures in the wilds. Bring home your spoils and use them rebuild your Village. Play co-op multiplayer adventures with your friends and make new friends in a Wizard guild. Puzzle Wizards is available on mobile platforms and on Steam: play anywhere, anytime!

Puzzle Wizards user reviews :

Too many bugs. I set my party to private, then some minutes later people start popping into the level. The real-time battle enemies will pretty much do anything they want, even cancel a combo that was already made. The countdown pieces go off as soon as set down. Sometimes resulting in the board turning black almost immediately after they make their 1st move. All the rest of the puzzles are doable and the art style is very cute, so I’d otherwise really like the game. But as-is it’s unplayable.

A very unique puzzle town building game. I’ve played it for a few hours now and to say it’s addictive is an understatement. Only issue is how you place the buildings. I wish you could see the whole area instead of just your surrounding bit to place stuff. Other than that I’ve had plenty of fun with 0 gatekeeping so far!!! If any.

Almost passed on the game due to a review that said it was just another match game. While partially true, it’s so much more than that! You play different types of match games to harvest items, battle foes, cast spells, etc. Some co-op, some solo. You get to set up/decorate your own cute lil village, go on solo/co-op adventures, & chat w/ players. Team work definitely helps you progress faster. It can be confusing when you first start playing but overall, I’m super impressed. Adorable, fun game!

I do not understand the low reviews. Sure it may take a bit to understand the puzzle mechanics for battles, but despite that frustration there is alot to strive for in this cozy-like puzzle game. I am constantly looking forward to playing more, hoarding my materials for my next craft, and looking forward to designing my village. Absolutely addicted to this game, and looking forward to whatever may come

EDIT: Thank you for telling me how to make my party private! Game definitely deserves 5 stars now. No microtransactions, no waiting for things to be built, just gameplay! ORIGINAL: The game is super fun! I just wish there was an option to go on private adventures. I play at work and sometimes go AFK, and when I come back I find people have joined my adventure in the Woods, and completed all the puzzles and took my rewards. If I could have the option play privately this would be much better.

  • Hi! Thanks for playing Puzzle Wizards. You can definitely go on private adventures! When you create your adventure tap on your wizard top-right and ‘party’ then change the setting to private. It should remember this next time you create an adventure, too. You can also select ‘friends only’.

Such a cute little game. It’s quite refreshing to have a multiplayer game that’s cooperative instead of competitive, and all the players seem nice so far. I love the door puzzles and such in the ruins. The devs seem to fix bugs quickly too.

Good game but the battling system (which makes up a good chunk of the game) is completely rng, enemies will curse tiles you have no way to get to in the allotted time and it’s so easy to lose the entire board in a matter of seconds

I’ve never had a problem with this game. I absolutely love it. There was an update yesterday because the game was crashing for some devices. Now I can’t even play it. Every single time I try it crashes within 5 minutes of game play. Very disappointed.

This game is so fun. Such a good time killer. I LOVE the puzzles and adventures. It is such a neatly designed game. The art is great. My only complaint is that the fire mobs are way too powerful. Otherwise, 5/5!

love this game, it’s very goofy and wholesome and actually quite challenging. It has crashed on my phone a couple of times but I also have it on steam and it’s great. The community is also very nice

Installed about a week ago and having a blast! I love that there are different puzzles for harvesting, mixing, and fighting enemies. The variety keeps the game interesting and fun to play both alone and with others!

Delightfully cute, super chill, I love how there’s three different games in one, essentially. The Devs are super responsive if you get stuck on figuring something out. It’s super polished already for a game still in development. Definitely give it a try!

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