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[Game] Merge Memory – Town Decor

Merge MemoryAfter so many years studying abroad, Amber has come back to her hometown where she grew up to visit her grandma – Nancy.

When Amber stood in front of the town gate, all good memories came flooding back but she began to fall apart because of the desolation of the town in her eyes. To bring back these good memories, Amber decided to renovate the old town from ruin and she needs your help to do this.

Although the facilities have been destroyed by the earthquake, the memories of the good old days are still here. Let’s build a dream town of memory and collect pieces of memories by merging through more than 500 items in this wonderful journey.

“Merge Memory” is a game combining matching puzzles and makeover old town. By merging items and furniture, you can help Amber to design a beautiful hometown and decorate dream restaurants, making the town become glorious like it was before. Starting from decorating the restaurant, giving a hand to the town restoration and discovering lost memories hidden in the town, you will see some special things which only exist in the journey of Merge Memory.

What you will get in your journey:
Creative storyline: Find pieces of lost memories, connect them to write a completed happy ending story. Follow the journey with Amber and help her to overcome as many challenges as possible to build a dream town.

Exciting gameplay mechanic: Combine different items and furniture such as clock , computer , brick , TV , chair  ,… to pass all levels as well as renovate memorable town with so many options of design and decoration.
Daily reward: Join with Amber in “Merge Memory” day by day, get bonus points and complete daily tasks to gain great extra rewards from helping people in the town.

Relaxing time: Enjoy “Merge Memory” to create happy memories with your friends anytime and anywhere.

How to play:
Tap the big tools to get new items.
Merge the same items together for a certain one.
Observe and consider what items that you need to find and complete the tasks through merging to create a new items and furniture line.
Amber is looking forward to your help to build the dream town where we keep our beautiful memories.

Download Merge Memory now! Enjoy this free wonderful merge game and have the best time with Amber.

Merge Memory user reviews :

So many different things pop up everytime you open the game. Only 1 is needed! Leave up notification dots on the different stores to tell me to check the free stuff. The floating hand pointing to what I should do everytime I take 5 seconds to do sometimes gets in the way from being able to see parts of the board and often is not helpful by pointing out things that do not progress the game. Make things blink/flash if you need

They need to do a major update and fix the bug issue!! I can’t collect anything after watching 30 second videos or buying something from the shop. Since the bug issue, I’m not up to 137 items I can’t even collect yet…

Frustrated!!!!!!! I log in every day only 1 time it recorded I did on the wheel, I might once in a while ill get what what the wheel lands on. I tried sending a message I was getting nothing after I watched commercials for anything, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t . They want a photo of the problem how do I send a photo of  I really like the game but they really need to work out some problems they have .

Crowded pieces, graphics are so so, definitely need excellent eye sight , but it’s ok fun so far .(at level 5). The higher levels remain to be seen.

I only gonna give 3 stars because I had a problem to started playing this game from the beginning it freeze every time I try to play. I installed this game 3 times

To put it simply, the adds are annoying. That was the main problem for me as a play free player, it cause the lagging and also this is the first time I’ve met a forced adds on the merge games. Also the bubbles just cover the whole boards, why don’t let it fly on it instead fill the board? Aside from that everything just great, with the multiple sources of energy, the generator regenerate times are building up nicely. The decorations is interesting and the graphics are amazing. But yeah, i done

Visuals are alright and gameplay is fairly smooth, but the tutorial feels a bit too long. The board is also kinda tiny..

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