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[Game] Monument Master

Monument MasterWelcome to Monument Master – the ultimate Match 3 puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours! Embark on an adventure of matching 3 tiles and building your own Wonder monument!

In this amazing match-3 tile game, you’ll be taken on a journey through a city of wonders, where you’ll need to use your puzzle-solving skills to build a stunning wonder of the world. Will you choose to create the Colosseum of Rome or the Ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt? The choice is yours!

With its stunning builder mode and challenging puzzle levels, Monument Match is the perfect game for anyone who loves matching games and puzzles.

Features of “Monument Master”:
Addictive Match 3 games! Enjoy new match-three games (3 in a row) for free, with a touch of incredible wonders of the world and a puzzle adventure.
Secrets and riddles brain teasers! Solve the mystery riddles and brain puzzles to get boosters and multiply your 3-match game points.
Gather game points to build unique Wonders of the world and improve your Wonder City!
Decorate your own Wonder. Build it from scratch and witness the glory in the end game!

Create your own world wonder with this mobile Match 3 game! Solve challenging puzzles and match tiles to design and restore iconic landmarks from around the world, from the ancient Pyramids of Egypt to the mighty Colosseum in Rome. Have you always admired the majesty of the Colosseum in Rome or the mighty ancient Pyramids of Egypt? Become the builder of The Great China Wall or Machu Picchu.

In this Match 3 game, you’ll earn points for solving puzzles and matching tiles to build ancient wonders of the world. Think hard and use your brain to overcome the obstacles of the Matching puzzles and the legendary Match 3 system, and then watch your builders create the jewel of the world, the very ancient wonder!

Choose your way: the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramids of Giza, the Jewel of Mexico, or the Diamond of China, the Great China Wall. Become the designer of wonders in our match three game now!

Match jewels and diamonds to create decor that will make your city look more beautiful. Complete match 3 levels to unlock new items and earn rewards, and progress through the game to build the ultimate wonders of the world in Egypt, Italy, or China.

Whether you’re a fan of the Colosseum, Pyramids, love match 3 games, or simply enjoy solving puzzles, Monument Match is the game for you!

Download now and start building your own wonder-filled city today!

Monument Master user reviews :

Don’t know yet just started playing I’ll come back soon with my final thought update game is ok but one thing i don’t like is a ad after every durn level i will not reccomend this game the ads kills the fun stop the greed please that’s way you don’t have as many downloads ads breaks are to often im uninstalling it hi thanks for your reply but I’m one that will not pay to have ads removed because it’s to many games that don’t have ads but good luck nope will not pay to remove ads bye

  • Hi Carolyn, thank you for feedback. We are trying the do maximum to be fun and better. We are sorry if Ads, support development – game is free, are too much intrusive. If you will watch any rewarded ads (big rewards), after that is big delay for next automatic ads, to be game more smooth or there is offer No Ads to enjoy even more. Have a nice day.

Love it! The build of Coloseum is pretty awesome. graphic is such amazing and match 3 gameplay is so intuitive. Everybody should play it!

This game is very interesting the graphics are okay the game play is okay

  • Hi Ashley, it was so nice to read your review, thank you. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game! Enjoy the Monument Master

just got started but loving it so far

Hello Carol, thank you for your nice review. What can we do to get five stars? Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game here or at We are listening. Working on update with XP, decorations and more. Have a nice days.

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