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[Game] Merge Town – Decor Mansion

Merge TownAre you fond of home renovation, city design and room makeover? Do you craze for a casual mobile game that lets you live out your interior design fantasies in a fun, relaxing environment where you can try out different furniture and décor concepts in any way you want? Then let’s play Merge Town – Decor Mansion!

Angela – an armature interior designer just came back to her hometown for the Holiday. Unfortunately, the earthquake that suddenly occurred has destroyed most of the town. Can you help Angela renovate the city and make this town great again?

Your mission is to help Angela to fix everything that’s broken, restore the shops and buildings, houses, restaurants, stores and give the city a glamorous look like it was before. Build your dream city and decorate houses by yourself.

Decorate your ideal city.
Solve fun & tricky matching PUZZLES!!! Match and combine resources to create a toolbox that can help you with the city design. Get ready to redesign, rebuild and customize things the way you want. Learn tips and get more inspirations from the latest decorating trends, pick your favorite styles from a variety of choices to accomplish your design ideas, there is a lot to repair!

Discover hidden objects and unlock unique areas.
Merge and collect tools that’ve been hidden in the city by expanding the town. Use them to repair the stores, restaurants, houses, or sell extra items to make sure every shop has a glamorous look!

More rewards are awaiting and enjoy the PLOT TWIST!
The city you will be remodelling is large and abounds with secrets and mysteries! Have an extraordinary life in the town with new people, untold stories and astonishing secrets. It’s time for you to plan an amazing city makeover. You will be surprised by your creativity and design talent in this renovation game challenge!

Game features:
Easy to learn and quick gameplay with more challenges to discover
Merge items to create useful tools and build a city of your dream
Hundreds of decorating options and styles to choose from
Unlock special items and treasure chests along the game
Extra gems and coins to help you complete the tasks and more

Merge 2 similar items to help restore the piece
Fix the broken things and clean up the stores and buildings, and choose the designs that match your style.
Use the required items to complete the tasks and collect coins and stars to unlock new designs.

Ready to visit the town now? You’ve got a FREE ticket. Have fun and enjoy a wonderful story!

Merge Town user reviews :

Boring Because the game doesn’t let you choose the colour or design of anything. You do all this merging – which sometimes takes forever because everything runs out of energy too quickly – just to fix up a piece of something. That means you’re doing all that tedious merging for nothing, because you don’t get to choose anything. No room for creativity of any kind, so it’s a waste of time

Bit disappointing from other merge games. No overview or catalogue of the items you have created that you can check what to use. Not easy to get new items to create. And you don’t get much coin for selling the items. I just didn’t enjoy this one sorry.

It’s fun and shows what tasks you need to do. Then it takes you through which tools you will need and how to match items to make them. Great fir the mechanically challenged. Points, etc are received from successfully accomplishing tasks.

I’ve had alot of fun playing this game just there are so many ads which I know is how the game developers make money but still. Other than the ads so far I haven’t had any problems with this game!

This game is an exact copy of like 5 other merge games. The only difference is that this one has forced ads. Play any of the other games that this one is based on.

Just love this game and would give a 5 star.But Why if i play a few levels and the next day i want to continue then the game starts at level 1 again.This is happening on 2 different phones.Even the other Merge games it is supposed to be offline but it is not true.As soon as i open them they are online.Please help.Emmie.

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