Toy Crush Fever – Match all the blocks

[Game] Toy Crush Fever

Toy Crush FeverWelcome to Toy Crush Fever. It is a new FREE toy blast game that’ll keep you entertained for hours!

Unique levels require different strategies to match all the blocks in a limited number of moves.

Tap on 2+ adjacent blocks of the same color.
Match the blocks in fewer moves to score higher!
No time limits! Reach your goal by matching every block carefully!

Exciting boosters & special items!
Daily rewards!
2000+ unique levels full of tasty treats!
No Wifi? Match blocks offline!


Grab a cookie or some other sweet treats, and get ready to match blocks!

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Toy Crush Fever user reviews :

Development team, I very much like the new format, the new boards are great. But the advertisements are overwhelming. I understand there have to be advertisements, but between almost every single bored is making this game very difficult to play for more than just a few minutes. hopefully you can scale back the ads just a little bit and I would definitely give a five-star rating!

King, enjoy, PC Gameloft old phone retro game revamped. Candy crush style game play included. Quite a easy game too play at the start. Gets a tad tricky after level 111. No skill needed. Just year’s of experience and good memory needed too play this new game version. You can easy will a level that as over 50 move’s in 10 or less moves. With this new version. You do need too use your bottom booster’s too win a level sometimes. I like the spin wheel after 15 wins instead of a load more wins

Totally awesome game! I like the game because it’s challenging my mind to make the right choices and that helps with cognitive function in my brain! Would definitely recommend it to friends!

Not a bad game, but soon becomes repetitive as after level 20 the game play becomes easier to allow more time to fit the advert in after every level.

I even do the blocks don’t even stay in the Square you make a couple of moves look like the squares are falling down to the bottom of the screen that needs to be fixed and then that would be a good game to play and don’t have to worry about the blocks falling down out your phone

Is fun.. Your bomb everything Is totally enough .. They give you 45 moves… I’m sure this is for (beginner) Anything special Gun can mix bomb And some colour fruit Turn heavy … This will spread ….. I don’t see game crash But they have spin wheel ( level 52 much normal)

  • Thank you for your review, have a nice day!

I’m enjoying Toy Crush Fever, I’ve had it downloaded since December 2020 when it was last updated… we need to be able to replay levels….Time for a Toy Crush Fever Update…This game is too fun to delete….

I LOVE Toy Crush Fever… It’s in need of a new update and for us to replay levels we don’t do good on…. Toy Crush Fever is so fun and such a cute game.

The wheel you spin after every game only lands on money or hearts never anything else. It needs to be fixed.

Like game a lot! Graphics great! Ads aren’t bad, most short.

Too easy to win. No strategy required. I already know how to get the water pistol, bomb and dynamite, don’t need to see it again and again.

Wonderful game. No problems as listed below. However, I do agree with Nancy’s suggestion below.

It’s ok other than the ad freezing my phone(the clown being hit by hammers the best friends game,you can’t watch ad without freezing

It’s so much like toy block boom that I really enjoy, hope you continue to make it better, really like it so far

Good game but way too many adds.. constant interruptions after every round

I really enjoy the game! I downloaded it only yesterday but I’m enjoying it very much. Well done developers!

I really like this type of game super relaxing graphics are awesome

This upgraded version is much faster and more exciting. I am really enjoying this. Thank you

I just started playing the game and I’m hooked. Have to go bed, but I can’t stop playing

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