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[Game] Pet Frenzy

Pet Frenzy

Pet Frenzy, the most adorable match-3 game! The lovely, naughty and cute pets are coming!
Where are the magic cute pets? Come on and join the magic cute pets’ wonderful journey! Travel through grassland, farmhouse, fence, and infinite amazing magic islands and solve every puzzle on the wonderland. Slide your finger, switch and match cute pets to make miracles! The cutest game will be cuter because of you.
Free to download and play except in-game purchases.Pet Frenzy is a brand new match-3 game. Match cute pets to achieve target.Pet Frenzy Features:
6 cute pets that will always make you happy
Refreshing gameplays give you different experience
Powerful boosts to help with challenging levels
Easy to start and play, challenging to master
Friends system allows you to compete with your friends

Pet Frenzy user reviews :

Love playing. Very challenging! This is an edit to my 2021 review. I still love playing this game. The only problem I have (which is on me, not the game) is I have to limit my play time. I can’t buy extra tokens, etc, because I’m disabled, being 70 yo. The great thing about this game is occasionally they reward me with free play time, don’t have to worry about losing number of game plays. I’ve had several strokes & playing this helps me with problem solving. Thank you for a fun game. 5 stars!

Well the game is good however some levels are unrealistically difficult,,,since the moves themselves won’t let you pass the level,,, but anyway you have my four stars keep it up developers,,we also need newer versions as well thank you

This game is so amazing, awesome. When I am playing it, I feel better because of it’s background music. It require critical thinking. I can not stop playing. But many ads when data is on.

I really love this game. But please fixed the lives. It’s weird why it have 30 but when I playing it, becomes 25? Then I have 3 lives but I can’t play it. What happen? Fixed it please. Everything just perfect. Thank you

Best game ever It starts easy and boring but when the challenges gets though its interesting and trust me once you get used to it you would even spend the whole day Playing this game when you got nothing to do thanks play store. Pet frenzy deserve

to many ads an ad pops up every level .i want to play game you actual play . an ad once in while is fine but not every level i have deleted alot of games i like for this reason .

It so fun!!!! I love d levels it so challenging.. D graphics are amazing ….connecting with friends is more fun n interesting

For sure I have been playing this game for one year but it is very good I am really loving . I would even give it 10 stars if it was possible. Thank u developers.

besides being cute as all getout, its not too fast or slow,cI love the bobbing cow or chick’s head to single a booster helper! I like it it will get harder but it is relaxing now .Linda Hiebert

One of the best game I have ever played, Please Include Additional Lives. I will keep playing this game even cross platform.

Just finished all levels 660. Really enjoyed it. Hope developer can add to the levels so I can continue . beautiful game…

Quite an interesting game…it never gets old…if you are a lover of puzzles then you’ll love it

What can I say about this game, than awesome, hilarious captivating….. The list is endless keep on improving and fun fire burning.

I like this game coz it makes me busy nd makes me laugh especially when you are almost completing then one disappoints.

The life feature was briliant, it minises addiction, u have to take time off to do other things

Fantastic game ….it’s very cute and graphic game… Animals are choo cutes and great way to relax game ..i love it..

sound is so much childish, and the visualization is also so much cute. loved this game a lot

I looove the game!!! But the rewards are too small. Make the diamonds more please

I’m unable to open level 661,please any help??? Because I can’t live without this game. It’s really exciting. Thanks!

I love it every level gives a feeling to play the next,its fun..

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