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[App] Mindomo – Mind Map & Concept Map Maker

Mindomo  Unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping and concept mapping.

Capture your thoughts directly on mind maps, turn them into presentations on the fly, and share them with others. Synchronize your maps to the cloud, from any device.

Mindomo Cloud is available at  www.mindomo.com/
Mindomo Desktop is available for Windows and Mac at  www.mindomo.com/mind-mapping-software

Update(07.03.2020): Completely redesigned application, accommodating for all screen sizes.

The Mindomo platform creates a powerful environment where you can easily collaborate with others by sharing ideas and working together on mind maps in real time. No matter where you go, you can creatively bring your ideas to life.

Our Highlighted Features are:


Interactive presentations straight from your mind maps
Unlimited maps and folders which can be edited, shared and exported


Offline work and sync
Seamless synchronization
Real time collaboration


Multiple layouts (circular, concept, org chart)
Map customization by adding icons, colors, styles and map themes
Image embedding on map topics
Visualization of notes, links or tasks on topics
Full mind map history, undo and redo functions

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Mindomo user reviews :

Missing the ability to connect topics to more than one other topic. You have to instead use relations, which aren’t quite the same. Otherwise a great app. Maybe needs to highlight some of the less obvious settings in the tutorials, and some of the menu options in tap and hold could easily go into a toolbar along the top instead (some options are rather awkward to get to by tap and hold). Love it tho, does pretty much what I need it to. Debating premium.

Good app but not easy to figure things out even for basic maps with no customizing. The search function doesn’t work for the tutorial and is stuck in “initializing search”, and I couldn’t see anywhere that mentioned floating topic. Fortunately I figured it out, but I also can’t see any way to sever or move relationships that weren’t added yourself. Can’t say I recommend this for a very basic map.

MINDOMO embodies my idea of what mind mapping can do. It seems to have all the basic functions, a few advanced functions and what look like dozens of templates and map styles that make this app a versatile tool that meets you where you’re at, providing both form and function for your organizational and design needs with a moderately easy to use interface. I love that it makes complicated things simple with visual organization and a well designed package.

It is very handy for making large and complex concept maps, though performance decreases as the concept maps’ sizes grow larger. Wish that it had more features such as the ability to construct and connect small matrices to the maps (I have to attach a link to MS Excel Online to construct simple frameworks/matrices, which is a hassle).

Hi, Unfortunately my Mindomo stop working suddenly. I restart my cellphone but nothing change. I also uninstalled Mindomo and reinstall it but it don’t work and show me the app is closed. I backed up my files and I need your help as I’ve made several Mindmaps that was really time consuming. Thank you in advance for your reply and early reaction.

Been using this to create a map for psuedocode, works pretty well actually, only complaint is that in order to create relationships between nodes you have to select a node, then press the plus icon at the top, select relationship. And tap the one it is related to, rinse repeat. I’d like to see a function where you can add a relationship to multiple nodes without having to go through the entire process. Ultimately a small thing, but it would be nice. Keep up the good work

This is an awesome app, in which you can make usefull graphs. I have been looking for something like this for some time. It has many templates to choose from as well and offers great customization. Five stars from me.

With some fiddling, the app works fairly well. There could be some ease-of-use features added in future updates, especially for repetitive tasks prevalent with perfectionist/detail-oriented users. Having a customisable default box style would also be nice.

Overall pretty good but has some issues with the S Pen. Especially with relationships. You also can’t copy a map without placing it into a cloud first.

I use this app to ease my studies. It helps me remember notions in a graphic way. A lot is possible (several map layouts, change of colours), however I would love to have the option to create maps variations manually, when needed.

Best app for creating mind maps! Free to download. There are many useful templates. Comfortable using for the different purposes. Disadvantage: you can’t move blocks in the mindmap.

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