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[App] Minimalist Pomodoro Timer

Minimalist Pomodoro Timer  Goodtime is designed to keep you focused and free of distractions.

Alternate between focused work sessions and short breaks handled by the app.
Get rid of procrastination and improve your time management!

split your work into sessions of focus followed by short breaks
after a configurable number of work sessions, take a longer break


No ads
No tracking or personal data collection
Battery friendly
Configurable timer
Pause, skip or add 60 seconds
Long breaks after a number of completed work sessions
Detailed statistics
Daily reminder
Timer styles
AMOLED-friendly user interface
Immersive fullscreen mode
Keep the screen on
Custom notification sounds
Auto start work or break without user interaction
Android Wear support for notifications
Disable sound and Wi-Fi connection(until Android 10) during the work sessions
Translated in 40 languages

Pro features
Colored labels
Manually add sessions
Edit completed sessions
Backup export and import
Export statistics to CSV
Screensaver mode
Separate notification sound for work and break
Insistent notifications
One time purchase and all future features for free

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Different phone OEMs have an aggressive take towards apps that rely on background work and alarms, such as pomodoro timers, to save some battery life.
It is recommended that you disable the battery optimization for this app in order to get accurate alarms.
In the worst case, if you still have issues, try to keep the phone plugged in and/or the screen on while working.
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For any suggestions or questions, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help!

Minimalist Pomodoro Timer user reviews :

Simple best It does exactly what you need to do. – provide a timer at different intervals – track how your time was spent – allows you to change the intervals – label each session differently (I track my time by subject) – provide simple stats on how you’ve spent your time; time of day, length of time, total time – custom tones for start/stop of sessions – disable notifications Things it does NOT have or do that make it great! – distracting rewards – it is not subscription based
  • Adrian Cotfas
  • Thank you for your kind feedback.
I think I’ll put 5 stars here first and see how it goes. My review is based on the following two points: – the minimalist interface that I really love – there are some useful functions and features to choose from to personalize the app, without making it too confusing. Trust me there are apps that claim to be simple but offer tons of redundant functions. I’ve purchased the pro version to support the development team. Keep up the good work!
  • Adrian Cotfas
  • Thank you, Len!
So far I learnt that swiping up is restarting the session, left/right is switching to/from break, and down is adding 60 seconds. But how do you skip 60 seconds as listed in the description? It also used to be that long pressing the time allowed you to prematurely end the session and I miss that feature, all it does is bring me to settings now. We should be able to customize gestures. Also, the app keeps force closing when trying to change notification sounds for either work/break (OnePlus 7t).
  • Adrian Cotfas
  • About the crash, did you recently update to Android 10 and used custom ringtones before with Android 9(Pie)?

Tried all of such apps out there, but this one is by far the best. One suggestion: pls allow 2 labels so that we can understand what difference can labels make and maybe buy premium if we want more. Superb app! Dont change anythinh please! Love the stats to bits!

Very simple interface, this timer allows you to stay focused on your task, having all features needed to be a perfect pomodoro timer. I downloaded it in every device I have! Highly recommended
  • Adrian Cotfas
  • Thank you for your encouraging words.

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