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MIR MWhile faithfully inheriting the style of classic MMORPGs including artworks that reflect the world of the MIR IP, isometric viewpoint, and 8-directional grid, the game also implemented successful features of MIR4. At the same time, MIR M’s unique content and systems were added to create a new experience that is the vast Mir continent.

After the early game stage which begins with Avatars that change your character appearance and stats and Companions and Mounts that accompany you into battles and adventures, you arrive at the mid-game stage with Mandalas for you to pioneer your own path of growth, Professions to hone your talents, and clans to fight your own combats. The end game is distinguished by wars, including the Hidden Valley Captures and Castle Sieges to determine the true best clan. Each moment in MIR M will provide you with a refreshing and entertaining experience.

The fierce war to gain supremacy for Darksteel begins! Hidden Valley Capture update!
The struggle to gain Darksteel supremacy begins. Be victorious and let your clan grow further.
Earn immense benefits by winning the battles between clans held in the depths of Hidden Valleys!
The pinnacle of the Mir Continent’s economy and power awaits you. Rise to the challenge!
Supporting Dragonians’ fast level up with the Advent of Nachal event.

Age of War and Adventure, Vanguard and Vagabond
In the world of MIR M, strength is not the only factor in measuring one’s growth.
You can walk the path of the hero, ruling over the battlefield with overwhelming power. Or, you can walk the path of the master who has reached the highest stage in gathering, mining, and fishing. Whichever path you choose is completely up to you. The results of the choice you make will be recognized by all as meaningful.

Mandala: Walk Your Own Path
Mandala is a new growth specialization system newly introduced in MIR M.
Mandala is categorized into 2 parts: Combat and Profession. Each category has many Spot Points that provide various stats. By connecting different Spot Points and activating different stats, you can customize your character in your own way.
It is a way to prove yourself through an endless chain of choices.

Beyond Servers: World Rumble Battle/Clan Battle
The Rumble Battles and Clan Battles are battle events that test your character’s and clan’s power in a world made up of 8 servers.
Individuals who have become powerful through various methods can take on other characters in the ‘Rumble Battle’ or prove their skills by joining a clan and participating in the ‘Clan Battle’ with other members of your clan.

Hone Your Professions, Become a Virtuoso, and Reap Riches: Profession/Street Stall
Profession is a growth system unique to MIR M that is at the core of the ingame economy. Players must complete various missions from collecting materials through gathering and mining to learning skills. They can learn Professions to advance from a Master to an Artisan, eventually joining the ranks of Virtuosos.
Street Stalls, which is another economy propelled by learning professions, allow you to boast your profession skills. You can also visit stalls with people who have high Profession Levels to place an order and make them enhance their skills.

Hidden Valley Capture: Core Aspect of the Economy and Struggle for Power
As an essential resource of the Mir Continent since MIR4, Darksteel is necessary for characters to grow.
Hidden Valleys are the only places where players can obtain this core resource. Hidden Valley Capture decides the owners of such valleys. It is where the most powerful clans fiercely clash over the great interest of the rights to tax all Darksteel produced in the valleys, igniting the wars in MIR M.

Email: support[at]wemade.com

MIR M user reviews :

It’s ok as a game. The only problems I see so far after a few hours playing are the optimization of the game, the controls (moving feels clunky), and the fact that there is no option to disable point to click movement. The game also seems extremely complex for a mobile game, which, in one sense, might captivate a lot of people but might also scare many others. Overall, its worth trying.

Control is just messed up plus lot of bug in game especially in creating or joining raids. Also it’s hard to control your character it’s just not following the direction you’re tapping most of the time. There are also times that you can’t teleport seems like you’re stuck. Overall it’s not user friendly.

Love the game the storyline is good the graphics are nice pretty clean though the server is kinda laggy and a sidenote I hope you guys have good anti-cheat cuz I played a game like this and it’s anti-cheat system was so bad that it made the game unplayable the bots keeping evolve to the point it fights you making it for the newbies hard to progress that’s all

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