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Ultra BladeUltra Blade is a roguelike RPG where players wield massive weapons against impossible odds!

Hack n’ slash your way through endless hordes of mutating enemies. Unlock and upgrade 1000s of hero and class combinations, each with their own unique looks and abilities. Every new character expands the available pool of in-game upgrades, making every run feel different.

Drag to move and auto attack, release to execute a heavy attack. Swipe to dodge. The controls are simple, but the real complexity is in how you build your champion. Infuse flaming bolts into your bow, generate earthquakes with your slashes, or summon blizzards with your shield- the possibilities are almost limitless.

Built for short, action-packed sessions.

Core features Include:

One-touch control scheme and challenging, skill-based combat
Endless Challenge Mode that refreshes every hour
27 Unique arena gauntlets to master
12 Unique heroes to unlock by completing challenges.
5 core classes (Bow, Shield, Greatsword, Gun, and Staff) and 100s of weapons to mix and match
15 Meta-changing relics to unlock and upgrade
Mutating enemies that change how they fight and behave.
Blood-pumping soundtrack

And more to come!

Ultra Blade user reviews :

Game has a lot of potential. The combat feels good, the graphics and art style are spot on but you have to fix the joystick. For now I cannot move. I can dash and attack but dragging does not move the character as shown on the trailer. Basically the way I’ve been playing is attacking in different directions to move but that’s not very effective. I’m keeping the game installed and check every update hoping for a fix on this. Update. Movement works perfectly now

Honestly I’m a huge fan of most of your games and I see the potential in this one as well. There are a couple key issues I am having though including a continuous lag. All of my other games work just fine so it’s probably something to do with your game being so new. Secondly I feel that the controls should possibly offer a separate aiming mechanism for the secondary skill. It makes me run into enemies I could avoid if there was a secondary control. I’m sure this game will be excellent.

Not a typical toilet sitter game, outstanding graphics and world building. A fun gameplay mixed with skill oriented gameplay where tactics are important in order to survive. Personally I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t hold your hand and it’s a challenging and fun experience. Still needs work though, especially when it comes to balancing. People complain the game is difficult but in fact it’s only tough to master. Once you master it though, you basically become unbeatable. Very strong four stars.

This game is way too good to be free. No ads, no micro transactions, absolutely amazing mechanics and controls, the progression is not slow and grindy but unique and extremely fun. All of the different classes feel different, fun and challenging to play. 10/10 forgot to say the art is also straight fire

It’s quite a nice and skill expressive roguelike game. It has simple mechanics that can be used with high complexity. My problem with this game is that it feels SOOO slow. I don’t know if it’s the framerate of the animation or my phone, but it feels unsatisfying. Good gameplay, unsatisfying graphics.

This is the game I’ve been waiting for. I’m hooked. The artwork, action, and overall mechanics of the game are perfectly in sync and make an extremely enjoyable experience. I ended up playing late till 2am and forgot about the time. The upgrades and unlockables really keep you going at it. Download this game. You won’t be disappointed. It’s worth every penny.

Really nice game but few aspects just won’t allow me to go above 3/5 for now. 1. Controls and level up screen. It is just so easy to click reroll of select simply by having finger around that place when u level up. It is so frustrating.. Buttons should be moved further up or idk. 2. You can’t earn gold anymore in game once you reach 10 of it. So can’t really farm it and artifact increasing amount of it kind of loses its point. 3. Once blade is lv4 and you earn over 40xp it won’t carry over.

This is tight roguelite game, and I definitely would pay for the wreath of content in this. Most of your run would be short. And there would be that one run where you got every piece of item build you want and everything works perfectly, but you suddenly realize wow a whole map is full of giga monsters so you got nowhere to run and you basically f**ked. To me that’s the fun part lol, so good luck and enjoy the game.

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