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Mob ControlUnleash Your Inner Commander in Mob Control: The Ultimate Tower Defense Clash!

Defend, Conquer, and Rise to Victory in this Epic Tower Defense Showdown!

Are you ready to become the ultimate champion in the world of tower defense battles? Mob Control brings you an unparalleled strategy and action-packed experience that will test your skills, wit, and tactical prowess. With oddly satisfying gameplay and a wide array of features, Mob Control is your gateway to tower defense supremacy.

Oddly Satisfying Gameplay: Create, Grow, and Lead!

Experience the strangely satisfying thrill of watching your mob multiply as you aim and shoot at the gates. Witness your army grow to massive proportions!
Strategically deploy your mighty Champions to break through enemy mobs and reach their bases. Choose the best combo for victory!
Explore intriguing level elements like speed boosts, multipliers, moving gates, and more, adding depth and challenge to your gameplay.

Become an Immortal Player: Rise Through the Ranks!
Earn Championship Stars by emerging victorious in battles, fortifying your bases, and dominating tournaments. Show the world your tower defense prowess!
Climb the prestigious Champions League using your hard-earned Championship Stars and become an immortal player, joining the elite few who have conquered this tower defense realm.

Fortify Your Base: Shield Your Dominion!

Secure your base from enemy raids by winning battles and earning valuable shields. Protect your hard-earned resources and maintain your tower defense dominance.

Unlock and Upgrade Cards: Collect, Evolve, and Dominate!

Win battles to unlock booster packs of varying rarities and enhance your card collection. Collectible cards hold the power to elevate your tower defense strategy to new heights.
Unlock all the Cannons, Mobs and Champions in the armory and discover their amazing evolutions as you level them up.

Diverse Game Modes: Challenge and Conquer!

Engage in thrilling game modes that keep the action fresh:
Base Invasion: Raid enemy strongholds, pilfer coins, and claim bricks from rival players. Plunder and dominate!
Revenge and Counter-Attack: Turn the tables on attackers and seek retribution against those who challenge your tower defense might.
Boss Levels: Test your tower defense mettle in unique level layouts, earning extra bonuses as you conquer the most challenging adversaries.

Season Pass: A Constant Stream of Fresh Content!

Dive into ever-evolving content with our monthly Season Pass.
Complete quests, advance tiers, and unlock new heroes, cannons and skins

Always Improving: Join the Evolution!

Our dedicated team of 12 is committed to delivering fresh mechanics and content every month. Stay connected and share your ideas via Settings > Discord, actively contributing to the evolution of Mob Control.

A Premium Experience: Your Choice to Play Ad-Free!

Mob Control is free to download and utilizes ads to support ongoing development. Opt for the Premium Pass or a permanent no-ads package to enjoy uninterrupted tower defense action.
Speed up your progress and reap extra rewards without watching ads, thanks to Skip’Its.

Support and Privacy: Your Satisfaction Matters!

Connect with us in-game via Settings > Help and Support whenever you need assistance or have questions. Your privacy is crucial to us.
Review our comprehensive privacy policy at for peace of mind.

Join the tower defense clash like never before with Mob Control! Rally your army, harness the power of collectible cards, and become the tower defense champion you were born to be. Download now and embark on your journey to tower defense glory!

Mob Control user reviews :

I was fine with paying the few bucks to remove ads. The benefits of doing so are worth it considering you continuously earn nice rewards for doing so. I hate to ding it with a 4-star rating, but after thousands of matches, the maps tend to get repetitive. Also once you start to get into the upper level mobs, there are only a few that are capable of being competitive. The tournaments are fun and I enjoy the challenges. I hope to see them introduce new ones soon.

Game is fun and great, but way too many ads. I am ok to watch if want to double or triple the score, but even if you say no, you are still forced to watch an ad after every game, and the ads are not just 5 secs, some ads you can skip after 5 secs, but it will go to another page which you wait another 5 secs, then the final page and wait another 3 secs, so it a total 13 secs plus skip and close action. You end up playing a game for 20-30 secs but spent 15 secs on ads!

This game was fun at first. However, when I get to the boss level and get the x3 multiply, the ad won’t play to receive the reward. Or it may glitch out and reset the entire game. Sometimes, when you play the ad to receive the cards, you won’t get the reward same with ads for power boosts in battles. Once I got to the platinum level. The ads would not play at all. I unistalled the game to start over, but it’s still the same.

Basically this is a very nice game. Initially I don’t mind watching the ads but each time you have to go thru a 30 secs ads and then additional 5 secs ads. It’s too annoying. I am spending more time watching the ads than the game. And some of the ads are horrible and really not suitable. I know that you give tickets for skipping ads but with the rate its going, there’s no point. Why can’t you skip the ads for those boss level or those shorter games?

This isn’t a terrible game. It has a nice little take on mob games. After a few games, the app does mandatory ads after every match, however, it does give you the option to multiply your rewards, which is better than constant ads to gain nothing from. It crashes, like a LOT. I have lost so many rewards after watching a video or even before I can watch the video. Makes it really annoying when events such as world clash are going on.

I LOVE this game, it keeps me busy for hours on end! And I also like that you can watch ads to progress, although ALL the ads are a bit much, but it’s tolerable. I do however have a problem with the game lagging quite often, often making you lose battles. Also the app crashes quite a lot, for no reason, also making you lose game progress. If these two issues can be resolved, I would give it a full 5 star rating.

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