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[Game] Quantum Shift

Quantum ShiftQuantum Shift is a beautiful 3D space shooter set in immersive environments with intense gameplay requiring skill and quick reactions.

Take control of Commander Colson and navigate through asteroid belts, forcefields, black holes, and much more. Battle mysterious alien ships armed with an array of deadly weapons.
Unlock various space fighters, special abilities, and powerful armaments that will improve your chances of succeeding in defending the galaxy. Become the greatest pilot in the universe by hitting high scores and ensuring you’re #1 of all time.

Stunning space environments
Five unique ships
Twenty different upgrades
Two distinct game modes

What are you waiting for?

Quantum Shift user reviews :

Listen, for a mobile game it’s great, it’s a subway surfers In space. There are two gamemodes and both of them are boring alone. Overall most people who play say it’s boring, but you need to spend your dark matter the right way in order to have fun, play clever and you will have a lot of fun. Maybe the start is boring, but once you unlock the second ship you will spend some time on this game. In conclusion, it is a good game because it is a mobile game.

Great graphics and play… The control for moving back and forth needs to be completely redone. Maybe move to landscape and joystick control? Fix this and it is has potential to be a great game

Subway surfers meets space invaders or space invaders meets subway surfers. There’s two game modes and you’ll get what I’m saying when you play. Is a little bit of a grind first thing and don’t forget to click on the locks. You’ll thank me if you read this first.

The Store is what’s turning this game into a five star space shooting game !. And the controls are easy, even didn’t have 1 little ad. I love it, Thank you !!

I was kind of expecting a 3d version of the ship combat from solar smash 2d. Game modes were fairly dissapointing with bad controls. Graphics were good, though.

It was a really good game for mobile but what would make it better was if the money ships you didn’t have to pay actual money for there could be 2 options on for dark matter and the other for money

So I just started this game and I thought it would be a good game but when I played the first mode it all started I couldn’t see the screen was all black I kept dying so Pls fix this problem and maybe I will give a better rating.

Pretty good,but too much sameness. Needs more competitiveness and difficulty. Develop a storyline.

Good grafix! Sound fx r weak. Strong sound is half of the game experience. I’ve played videogames since they started. The sound fx made those games cool because grafix do alot but we knew the sounds too

All you can do to start is “highway mode” and it’s not very good at that. Good graphics though.

1st download attempt is 78% and stops. 2nd is 98% then 3rd one is 99%! Im still keeping cleaning up my apps so I hope this fourth time I install it.

It’s a pretty good game although I feel that the controls for navigations weapons could be redone better overall it’s a good game I would recommend

Game needs alit of work from gui elements, sound fx, optimization, graphics in certain area etc etc… It just all round needs some love.

Very good game awesome graphics but directional movement could do with smoothing out more, it’s a bit stiff.

I enjoyed playing this very cool space game but there is one hitch to this game we didn’t have guns to start and it’s hard moving side to side

Out of all the space shooters I’ve played, this one definitely makes top ten. I also like the fact that y’all redid solar smash in 3 different versions.

I really love it. Everything about it is good. This is one of the best space games ever created. And the developers have made other games that make them one of the best developers at space and destruction games.

Very fun game, except it needs bwtter control and/or joystick because its hard to dodge the tnt and rocks.

Basic concept yet super challenging. That is how games should be. Not those p2w bs that are so common now.

Videos offered to watch to increase rewards NEVER work. Were are promo codes, shows option but no mention anywhere. . .

Ok look the game 9/10 cuz the control suks.no matter how fast i swap it just doesn’t go so plz fix that

Can you please add free flight where you’re able to fly and explore other planets and please make it three dimensional

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