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Soul Seeker KnightsWelcome to Soul Seeker Knights: Crypto!

Soul Seeker Knights is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) that allows you to create your own team of characters and embark on an epic adventure. Explore a vast world, battle fearsome enemies, and collect powerful weapons and armor. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a rich story, Soul Seeker Knights is the perfect blockchain RPG for mobile gamers.

Key Features:

Create your own team of heroes and customize their appearance, skills, and abilities
Explore a vast and beautiful world, filled with dangerous creatures and hidden treasures
Battle fearsome enemies in epic combat
Collect powerful weapons and armor to enhance your characters’ abilities
Immerse yourself in a rich adventure story of with multiple endings
Use game rewards to exchange for other crypto tokens

Game is based on a world-famous Soul Seeker series with 10+ mil downloads globally.

Download Soul Seeker Knights: Crypto now and embark on your epic adventure!

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Soul Seeker Knights user reviews :

the game is nice and so is the story. the low drop chance on soul shard is bearable. i just think it takes too long to level up. also, it’s hard to connect to play wallet cause it disconnects on the first few tries.

Intense! Very immersive, theres so much to explore! They left no stone unturned when they designed this game! I need to take notes with a pad and pencil just so i dont forget all rhe storylines! Bravo! Great game!

Fix the problem the game keep disconnecting every minutes and too hard to get back to the game. My internet is good. Failed to connect to network. NetworkSytaxError. I change my review if you fix this.

First slow leveling system and soul shard way too hard to collect. Resources also seems very much little compare to other RPG game .so pretty much not F2P friendly at all.

The game is good not the same like the past version but has it own charm but the only problem i experience is i cant connect to the wallet for the soul token to be transfer it always say error i only play in android do i need a pc just to use that system?

slow leveling rates and also low chance to get reward. I hope this game will be good one but I think it’s not.

If you love MMOs from the early 2000s era you might enjoy because the asetics are still intact so it might as well be a reboot. It has the all grindy elements with gacha options and web3 extentions. The more you know.

7 day start event, where you have to perform tasks each day on a last day has task to buy quite expensive $ package. Also, drop rates are awful.

Java.lang.Exception: Unity Ads SDK fail to initialize due to game Crash reason due to game problem Somehow they messed up with Ads code I think.

  • Hi, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the review. Please note that ads availability depends on many factors, however, if the issue still persists – please send the details to our customer support to get some assistance. Thank you.

the game is awesone the grahics and gameplay flatform is very nice.. the effects its so good i really like this.. ihope admin you must continue to improve this game.. thank you to make this

Please make different Classes for the Game because I think it’s very Fun to Play the Game with Companions to the Game would make it even more better for the Game Experience to?

First 1 month good now lag disconnected loading screen loop and more can’t finish a simple quest becaue iy lagg hard can’t even play anymore so I’m trying this 1 for now. I don’t know you have cheats here already but look in the arena low level and class like 60k power destroy a 200k opponent like bullshet. 300mbps connection unstable??? My god

  • Hi, thank you for the review and sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes switching between networks helps to resolve the loading issue. As for the arena – please send some details to our customer support for assistance. Thank you.

Every time i convert my soul token to soul shards the transaction cancelled, because the game restart and back to loading screen. Its to inconvenient

Nice game can play free and earn crypto also.. Good story game and lot of exciting heroes!

Fix it, it keeps disconnecting

  • Hello, thank you for your message! We apologize for the connection issues you are experiencing. Our team is currently working on it and rest assured, the game will be back to normal as soon as possible. We sincerely thank you for your patience

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