Talking Pocoyo 2 – Have a great time with this talking game

[App] Talking Pocoyo 2 – Virtual Play

Talking Pocoyo 2Join Pocoyo in this fun talking adventure and enjoy one of the best casual games for kids!

Spend the day with your virtual friend Pocoyo and have a great time with this talking game!

Pocoyo is back and even stronger to become the best free entertainment and simulation game for kids! The famous cartoon for kids, together with his friends, live endless adventures. His curiosity to learn by playing and his desire to discover from the minute that you start playing will get your child to engage in our educational interactive story. Playing talking games has always been fun, and with Pocoyo you’ll have a lot of fun: creating music like a DJ, talking with him or dressing him up!


Talk and interact with your favorite TV cartoon. Start talking with Pocoyo is a way to encourage your child to start talking too. Ideal for children who are just starting to talk:
Tickle him and watch his funny reactions that are made for children’s happiness.
Take care of him, remember to take him to the bathroom, and tuck him in at night in this game for the whole family.
Dress him up in any clothes you want: superhero, cowboy, or astronaut – you choose.
Play ball with him and his friends and explore his house for toys in this fun interactive game.
Enjoy casual mini-games with your favorite cartoon character.
Help your chatty friend Pocoyo create a perfect world of his own: customize his fashion style, his hair, and the interior design of his house with a variety of decorations for the little ones.
Enjoy with your friend Pocoyo in one of the best care games and virtual tamagotchi for your kids.
Feed Pocoyo in the kitchen: This interactive adventure is a way to learn while playing about, eating, cooking, washing, and cleaning. Teach your child good eating habits while having fun playing as a family.
Bedtime: Discover a new world, play, enjoy, and have fun with your friend Pocoyo, but remember to put him to bed before the end of the day.
Learn with Pocoyo: Play with Pocoyo’s toys and watch him start to spell as well as learn vocabulary and the alphabet in this casual game.

Love and care for Pocoyo. Talk to him while watching your children grow with him and start talking. Now you have a good friend always close to you, to visit, care for, and play with him every day. Get prizes every day and discover all the surprises we have prepared for you in this family game full of entertainment.

This virtual interactive educational app develops the following learning concepts in kids:
Hearing Stimulation: Children have a predisposition to learning words fast. In addition, it promotes emotional and affective development.
Imagination: Empowering imagination by images to make the learning process effective and more fun for each child.

The main goal is that your toddler starts talking and learning by playing in a protective educational and interactive environment. Discover how Pocoyo helps you raise your kids and toddlers!
Enjoy this talking game with your family and friends and have fun with our casual mini-games made for all kids.
Start playing TALKING POCOYO 2 now for free and enjoy being part of Pocoyo’s education family!

Talking Pocoyo 2 user reviews :

It is a nice game although sometimes it’s kinda boring. Atleast try adding more staff .I rated it 3 stars because I hate it when it shows ads each an every minute ,the graphics are the best uwu

this game is a little weird but I love it! it’s nice when I don’t have to wait for ever when he gose to sleep thank you guys so mutch I could have done it with out you…but there is a glitch,when I tried moving the decoration to fried it did not work

I absolutely love this game, it’s so much better than any talking tom game! It’s so interactive and customisable, and it’s so cute! This game isn’t only for children, any fan of virtual pet games will enjoy this, because it’s really fun! I recommend

This game is so fun I give it a five out of five well the problem is I rated for stars because when they got the a Japanese item it costs the same number as the gems I had then I got zero gems left then a couple seconds later I only got five gems so I had to yell at Pocoyo that’s my story about the Game but still fun to play

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