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[Game] Merge Cafe

Merge CafeWelcome to Cindy’s cafe! Merge Cafe – A tasty new game full of excitement !

Cindy is a new chef. Day by day, she is always looking for great dishes for special customers and wants to build her restaurant to be famous. She needs your help in creating, merging, and designing her cafe shop. Are you ready now?

Merge Cafe is a brand new merge game where you can combine tasty treats to make them even sweeter. Find and explore something unique, easy to learn but hard to put down. Solve mysteries around Merge Cafe and satisfy your creativity by giving Cindy’s cafe a fresh makeover!

Create 100+ delicious treats
Merge burgers, donuts and more delicious food, and decorate your beloved restaurant. Discover endless new recipes and expand your cafe menu to keep giving your customers new kinds of treats
This is a food merge game you can’t refuse! Once you start trying Merge Cafe, you will love it! Serve hungry customers and satisfy your taste by merging, start your culinary journey now!

Renovate & design your restaurant
Design your dream cafe from scratch and bring it to life! You can choose from a range of fashionable decorations to put your mark on the place. Every room needs your expert eye. An exciting and amusing merge game that will make you forget about the other home and garden decoration games.

In Merge Cafe you’ll:
MERGE sweet ingredients to make cakes, pies and other treats
RELAX as you play a fun and interactive merge game
DISCOVER new secrets to the story and new plot twists
SOLVE the mysteries of the old cafe
MAKEOVER the old rooms and garden with fresh new design

Download now! Merge cakes, cookies and other yummy treats to serve customers and restore your cafe.

Merge Cafe user reviews :

Although its a great game, the fact that things need recharging so often, is frustrating. You cannot play more than 5 mins. Not fun. Also….I don’t mind watching ads, in order to get extra coins or diamonds or rewards. But too often, ads pop up just after merging things. Exhausting. Not fun. Three stars for the reasons mentioned above.

Your adds are exasperating!!!! Really, I don’t mind if I have to watch adds to win something, but boy with this amount of adds you’ve jumped the horse!!! A disaster of a game! Ah well, there are always better games than yours, so I’m happily deleting yours ! Ciao! Heather Arnold you’re spot on

I’m enjoying the game very much. Graphics are nice. I’ve not played long enough to discover it’s flaws yet. Hopefully there are non

So far I have had no problems. However I am on level 10 If I have a problem I will b back to change my rating. But for now love playing it

only played less than 5 mins and the thing generators are too fast to be needing recharge. it also says decor but designs are bad and theres not a lot to decor with. only rated 2 stars because UI is smooth

Changing my review since I got used to some issues (all the animation going on screen) + my board is less cluttered now. The other issue is that sometimes the spawners appear refilled when they’re not, and refilling them with gems, ads or hourglasses is a waste (they get on cooldown again after spawning a few items). Aside from that, I love the design + rewards & the food items from all over the world.

I actually loved playing this game but there are constant glitches. On multiple occasions, the objects overlap (not reading that an object is already there) or will say “board full” when there are multiple open spaces. I ignored it the first few times but it’s become so frequent that it doesn’t feel worth the frustration at this point.

  • Hi Danielle! We’re aware of the issue and will provide an update asap. Thank you so much for playing our game!

Fair though its hard for mi to save the progress when ever I try it fails,and I have to restart playing the game again and again from the beginning

  • Hi, could you kindly tell us more about your problem via mergegames[at] We are looking to improve the game to give the best experience for users. Thanks.

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