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Moonlight BladeMoonlight Blade Mobile is a fascinating open world MMORPG in the traditional Chinese style.

The game presents a magnificent world of martial arts, containing a different combination of techniques and features, with high-quality art technology, so that every blade of grass, every tree, hills and clouds are in front of your eyes.

6 unique classes, with their own characteristics and advantages in PVP and PVE games.
There are many professions in the game to help you develop and improve: cooking, fishing, hunting, etc. You also expect a variety of images and the opportunity to create a unique appearance for your hero, up to 600 character customization!


Multiplayer Games
One of the highlights of Moonlight Blade Mobile is its robust multiplayer feature. Join forces with friends and form powerful guilds to conquer challenging raids and take down formidable bosses. Coordinate your strategies and unleash devastating combos to dominate the battlefield. With real-time player interaction, you can team up with players from around the world and forge new friendships in the virtual realm.

PVP Multiplayer
PVP enthusiasts will find Moonlight Blade Mobile to be a haven for competitive gameplay. Engage in thrilling arena battles and prove your skills as the ultimate warrior. Participate in intense guild wars, where strategic coordination and teamwork are essential for victory. Rise to the top of the leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards, fame, and recognition.
Compete against renowned warriors from around the world in a PVP system.
A combat system that gives you the freedom to continuously combine skills. Support for a variety of PVP formats including 1 on 1 or 5 on 5 groups, including Guild Wars and Battle Royale modes that stand out from other open world MMORPG formats.

AAA Graphics
The graphics of Moonlight Blade Mobile are nothing short of breathtaking. The meticulously designed world is filled with stunning landscapes, detailed character models, and breathtaking special effects. Each battle is brought to life with smooth animations and dynamic combat mechanics, making every encounter a visually stunning spectacle.
Picturesque weather with four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Full HD when playing on a computer with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Customization options are abundant in Moonlight Blade Mobile. Tailor your character’s appearance to your liking, equip them with powerful weapons and armor, and choose from a wide array of skills and abilities to create your own unique playstyle. Whether you prefer a stealthy assassin, a mighty warrior, or a master of magic, there’s a class and playstyle that suits your preferences.

The immersive storyline of Moonlight Blade Mobile will keep you engaged from the moment you step foot in the game. Unravel the mysteries of the world and uncover dark secrets as you progress through the gripping narrative. Meet intriguing characters, make impactful choices, and shape the outcome of the story in this epic adventure.

Moonlight Blade Mobile brings the excitement of an AAA MMORPG to the palm of your hand. Whether you’re a fan of multiplayer games, love engaging in PVP battles, or simply enjoy immersive storytelling, this game has something for everyone. Join the millions of players worldwide and embark on an unforgettable journey in Moonlight Blade Mobile. Are you ready to become a legend?

We are happy to see you on the expanses of its beauty and richness of the world – Moonlight Blade Mobile!

Team of Moonlight Blade Mobile

Moonlight Blade user reviews :

*Update after about 3 weeks* The story has improved as I had hoped, the game world, lore, story is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to give it 5 stars but it’s still a very high 4 for me. Alot of the systems in the game a very convoluted and complex, takes a long time to get used to and even now some of them I do not understand or see the need for. The mechanics/difficulty on certain bosses could be toned down a bit for newer players.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are very glad that you liked our game and are not going to stop there. In addition, it would be nice if you gave us a higher rating, because your support is a great incentive for our continuous progress.

I love this game. I’ve never been one to care about the storyline in games, but I played through all of the stories, and I’m extremely satisfied with them! I love the gameplay, the flight system, fondness, and the graphics. The main problem with this game is the wait time for the matching mode for ‘tale’. Sometimes, I wait up to 10 mins, and I still don’t match with a team. Also, once you reach a higher level (which takes less then 30 mins), there isn’t much else to do except dungeon farming.

The game is very beautiful (for a mobile game) and the story seems alright (at least in the first few hours). I was also impressed by the character customisation (compared to other mobile games). However, the most important part of most games is the gameplay and this is not smooth at all, everything seems quite clunky, from battles to walking around or even the user interface. Because of this, I can’t see myself playing this game in the future. Disappointing but it had to be expected.

I woukd give it more than 3, but I am having a serious issue with it disconnecting while I’m playing in the middle of the game. Along with the lag, but I will forgive the game for it since it is a VERY large game that takes up a big amount of space. But that’s not the point. When I try and use data to play the game to ease with the lag, it seems the game doesn’t like it and won’t allow me to even boot up the game past the initial loading screen. I will give it more stars when it’s fixed.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please contact our support team Our specialists will do everything possible to understand the problem.

The game although it is still technically in open beta for the most part runs smoothly without any major problems. After reaching without any problems quite far in the game I found my first game bug. The bright like jade fondness quest is missing the person you are supposed to meet so you can not progress it. And since you have an unfinished quest you can not accept another one and you need to do one for a specific person if you want to progress the main story. So until they fix it I am stuck.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please contact our support team Our specialists will do everything possible to understand the problem.

Best Mobile Multiplayer Experience Thus Far. Incredible graphics, soothing environment, the Jianghu world I have been missing so much from games… The depths of story and adventures… If this game wants to thrive – the store has to be cut in half price otherwise it will die off as people definitely will not commit to such large payments for something unessential like butterflies. Payments need to get cheaper. Some movement improvements done.

  • Hello, Dear Warrior! Thank you for your feedback. In-app purchases are just an option that simplifies some aspects of the game, but in our game, you can achieve significant results without them.

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