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TwentyWatch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty created by Stephen French.

Twenty is a colorful arcade/puzzle game that starts at 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challenges you to get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but you’ll have to concentrate to make it all the way.

Think you’ve got it mastered? Try one of the variations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zen mode to relax, or Panic mode for a real challenge.

Take on a friend with TwentyTwo, a crazy two-player race to see who can get to Twenty first. Steal tiles from your opponent but be careful to guard your own.

Can you get to Twenty?

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Twenty user reviews :

I think it’s a great little game and appreciate that there were no ads. I even purchased the dark mode/ extra game play in-app purchase, and am happy with it. For critique, I would like the option to click a button (or whatever) and have new lines appear, so I don’t need to wait for the timer. And it would be nice to have little customisations, like changeable colours for the tiles/ background.

this game is one of the best staples in the play store to date. offline, online, ad-free, dark mode, one player, two player, timed, untimed, top fed, bottom fed; the only feature missing is the option to choose a color scheme. the concept is deceptive in it’s simplicity, and once you accept the challenge, you’ll obsessively repeat your attempts to win it. a truly well executed, flawless, wonderful, and challenging game. do yourself the favor of downloading it and supporting the developers!

This game is very addicting. I’ve played it for months (maybe 7?) and ended up buying it . Current record is 20×21. The trick is to stack the numbers on the far sides of the game so they don’t fuze together as easily and when it gets too high, in the middle. My only concern is that the game definitely speeds up when you hit your record. So if you have previously gotten 20×5, it’ll speed up and that’s why it’s hard to beat records. Kinda annoying. Multiplayer is SUPER fun though.

Great game! Perfect puzzle game for mobile. Not a quick one, but still lots of fun. The only thing I’d change is the scoring system. Having it based on the number of twenties is good for a quick glance and goal, but I think it could be expanded. Stuff like bonuses for symmetry on the board, or quick removals, or chain reactions would be amazing. They feel great to execute, so why not reward that with a more robust score? Overall though, I’d definitely recommend this game. Great job.

I really love this app, but it is fast-paced and gets difficult very quickly. You can – sometimes – get to 20, and even get multiple 20s before you lose. I wish it had an option to run an easier, slower mode. I would like this to be an app I can run to chill out as well as an app I can run to challenge myself, because I enjoy the method of game play very, very much. I just would like to be able to enjoy it without quite so much adrenaline all the time.

Fun but flawed. I’m interested in this game enough that I used my Google Rewards money to buy the full version, but there’s many aspects of the game that are just so irritating. Firstly, dark mode is an accessiblility feature so it should never be hidden behind a paywall. Secondly, the leaderboard is blocked for “high use of the pause button”. Which is insane because getting too close to the sides of the screen pauses the game. So it pauses unnecessarily often effecting the leaderboard.

This game is great! Very good skill-based game that tests both reaction time and dexterity. Luck is a minimal factor, so you can consistently improve scores due to only getting better. Extremely stressful once you start getting near 20 though. I will say that there is one bug: sometimes a square you are holding can clip through a corner at high speeds, seemingly at random. It is fairly rare though.

I love it! It has a two player option to battle against (my friends and family love). I did end up buying the other features. You do not earn those features by playing, you have to physically buy them. It does come with one free (regular) mode and then the two player! There is not ads. So I have nothing to complain and this is my favorite game!

This app/game is fun, time consuming, and can get challenging the more 20’s you get. The other games that you,can,pay for are also fun as heck. I also would like to see them have different color themes to choose from and maybe some kinda added blocks that eleminate some or all the blocks, like bomb blocks or something like that. Just an opinion. Great Game! 5 stars.

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