Morgiana Mysteries Adventure – Once glorious kingdom now lies in ruins

[Game] Morgiana Mysteries Adventure

Morgiana Mysteries AdventureDrift away in the world of magic, where paintings come alive in Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana, a dark hidden object adventure game.

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there ruled a wise king and a graceful queen. They had two talented daughters, both born with magic. Young Arabella was a sweet child, and older Morgiana often felt jealous of her parents’ attention. In thirst for revenge she decided to resort to black magic thinking not of the price. But dark powers are not to be trifled with, and the once glorious kingdom now lies in ruins. Discover the end of that long-forgotten story as you explore a tumbledown castle, avoid its malevolent dwellers and pass through dangerous traps and challenging puzzles to recall who you are.

a bewitching adventure game full of mystery and magic
8 hidden object puzzles and numerous brain-teasers
interactive map to help you navigate through the painted worlds
replayable cutscenes and professional voice acting
smart and cute little companion
eldritch environments and sound effects

Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana takes you on a journey through multiple worlds — to picturesque jungles, full of life and vibrant colors, to frozen caverns with unimaginable eerie creatures and the scorched land of Anazgharod, the realm of fire. Though, you won’t be alone in your quest. An amusing speaking mouse will help you find hidden objects, reach the items beyond your grasp and solve mind-bending puzzles. By the way, this hide and seek game features a remarkable collection of mini-games. These are classic board games like tangrams, jigsaw puzzles and unblock games, but also a few match 3 levels and more original brain-teasers.

While you follow the compelling storyline, you are going to learn quite a few magic tricks, often turned into a spectacular game movie. The eye-catching animations, spine-chilling sound effects and ghostly apparitions maintain the entourage which every scary hidden object games fan will definitely appreciate. So, wait no more and set out for a blood-curdling adventure in Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana. Prove the find it games master and retrieve your true self and your destiny as you unearth the legend of the bygone times.

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Morgiana Mysteries Adventure user reviews :

I bought the full version. The story line was just “ok” – to me it wasn’t all that interesting, & the mini games were average – nothing spectacular. It was also a little shorter than most games I’ve played. Also, I got stuck at the fireflies – after I had all of them in the lantern, the fireflies just kept buzzing the game got stuck there. I had to quit the game & start again at that point several times before it finally worked & I was able to use the lantern and go on to finish the game.

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback! We are constantly working to improve our games and take it into account.

This game and story have a lot of potential, but both are just too disorganized. The scenery, while pretty, is too busy for a game meant to be played on a phone screen and the controls are simultaneously too sensitive and not sensitive enough. All of the misspellings are jarring and the narrator can’t seem to decide on an accent. I’d really love to play this game, but at the moment, it’s frustrating instead of challenging and not worth the space on my phone.

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback! We are constantly working to improve our games and take it into account.

Not great. Agree with other reviewers, the design is very good but too detailed for this screen size. It’s often difficult to tell what you are looking at or doing. I kept ending up with loads of items and not really knowing what’s next. E.g. why can’t I feed the carnivore plant insects? Often play these games and don’t usually need hints. Hint button is too close to the scroll button. Game finished randomly by clicking and location unavailable as need to buy it but but no price displayed.

  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback. We constantly work on improving our games and we will take it into account. The opinion of the players is very important to us!

I don’t like that there isn’t a free to play version, there isn’t enough for me to decide if it’s worth the cost. Generally after I play the whole game and like it enough I’ll puchase the whole game. Especially if it includes a bonus chapter and it’s a reasonable price. I did not like after turning off the music and sound the video clips still cut off my audiobook with it’s sound. Mute means mute.

  • Hello! This is a demo. We write in capital letters in the game description: “Try it free then unlock the full adventure from within the game!”, so you have the opportunity to try it and decide if you want to buy it. Hope you will enjoy it!

So far i like it for the most part. It did take a lil while to download and unpack and then it said the game was made for an older vs of android and may not work properly on my device but ive been playing for about 30 or 45 mins now and so far everythings working ok. Theres def some language issues somethings come up in french (i think) while some of the translations are a bit off ive been able to figure out what it meaning.

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